CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Jonathan W. Rodegher


It’s about time I join a challenge! After all this years, first time for me here.
Ok, so I have 3 ideas, that are pretty basic sketches so far. Maybe you guys can help me out pick one:

A) Ten steps away (to first game): this is the story of a little guy who has been in the wheel chair all his life. His father, who is pretty handy with tools and aparently some pretty cool mechanics, made a working prosthesis for this little guy to be able to play soccer with his friends. I’m thinking the legs could get a cool homemade/steampunk look maybe. Not to techy.

B) Ten years ago: here we have this fella, who is back in the park where he likes to remember a person that clearly isn’t with him anymore. I’ll leave details open to the audience. Could be a friend, girlfriend, sister, whatever. The interesting part is I’ll try to make the surrounding objects insinuate this person presence. As you focus on the guy I want to make this effect where you seem to be percieving someone there in the corner of your eye. Just like when you miss someone too much, and it feels like you’re gonna find that one turning your head. (Kind hard to pull off actually).

C) Executed N 10: This one is pretty straight forward. The executioner watches the tenth guy in the day approaching to get what he deserves. Hopefully composition will help me tell how the guys are being brought by the guards, executed and then burnt in the red pit behind the executioner.

That’s it for now, it would be cool if you guys gave me an opinion or just vote for one of the three. Thanks for reading (assuming you made it this far hehe).


I decided to give idea A a new camera. This one I like a lot better, though the background is just some lines to put things in perspective.

Any comments will be much appreciated.



the first idea with all the composition is better.You see the man who wants to start walking,is a dynamic pose and in my opinion is the best.:slight_smile:


Thanks Adrian, I think I’m gonna sketch another camera for the B, and then decide. The vote from other coworkers have been almost all of them for the second.

Thanks for the input!


This is the second sketch for idea B. I think this one is shaping up nicely. Still need work on the objects that will suggest her presence.



looking good so far.


I have to say the first idea is really my favorite. It’s quite unique and I think there’s opportunity there to really connect the viewers with your main character.

Very nice concepts!


Thanks a lot Valentious! Appreciated.

Kevin, thanks to you too. I’m in a dilema right now, about choosing the concepts. I like the sense of hope/fantasy I can get with the first and the emotional deepness I could reach with the second. I think I’ll have to consider which one is a better fit for a CGSociety challenge.

Thanks a lot for the input.


I think that the second idea is great and very very difficult to achieve. it would be interesting for me to see how you imagine the “at the eye corner” effect and how this idea works in a cgi shot movie.


Jonathan, it’s a trade off that we all have to fight with! I understand the tough decision - I’m going through the same with my ideas right now. Best of luck, looking forward to what you decide.


OZ, yeah I agree on the dificulty and sorry to disapoint but it´s gonna be a still, not a cg short this time.

Kevin, yeah I know, I´m not complaining. Beyond the Challenge I plan to get the 3 ideas done eventually. I´m also considering doing the first two at the same time. I didn´t find any threads with your entries by the way.

Thanks a lot for the input, very appreciated!


Ok, so, I’m going with this one for now. I might give it a go to both if time is gentle with me! Cheers and thanks for the suggestions!



Really great idea!

Wish i could draw characters like that :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe you should try to use the same drawing skill on the background. Just blocking it out first and then doing quick details. You’ll end up seeing more detail then there actually is and be able to work on that further.

Few remarks i had on the subject:

  • I liked the pose of the initial concept. It had more expression to it that there is something wrong. In the last one he is like waiting for someone.

  • Maybe he should turn his head towards the other swing a little bit, and than look at it from the corner of his eyes. More expression.

  • If you use the pose of the first concepts, you could lay down the flowers on the floor just under him. Makes it little more obvious nobody is gonna get them.

  • You could also make the wooden construction of the swig more visible.
    Then you could show some love initials carved into them. Making the varved thing look a bit aged and worn out. Then under this could be a new addition: something like i miss u.
    Then he could be holding a little pocket knife.

It might be strange to sum such things up, but they just sprung in my mind immediately. I love the story-telling in a single image frame. Something i like to do in my work too. Though i haven’t told anthing about it yet.

good luck

i’m keeping an eye on this one.


Hey Nico, thanks a lot for the feedback, it is really very much appreciated.

I was trying to block out the background with all this mess I made here hehe. But I kind of understand it and it is helping imagining what should be behind.

Good point about the guy looking like he’s waiting. And I really like the idea of the flowers on the floor as well. That one I’m going to apply. About the pose, I like the last one better, and I also like this “camera” as well. Since I want the character to be the “star” of the shot, and I’d like the piece to be introspective and with some degree of intimacy.

About the other details, I’m gonna put some though in it (when back at home working on this). One thing I’m trying to avoid is being too obvious which usually is a very delicate balance between driving the story home or not at all (it’s hard to put yourself in the audience head knowing the story already).

Againg, thanks a lot for the terrific feedback, I’ll consider every point and make some more choices!


We’ll be up soon! Just trying to nail down a story before we post it up - things are changing every day. Hoping to post our thread at the end of the weekend!

I love the idea of hinting at the woman’s presence. Once you start adding more detail it will be interesting to see if you can make the effect readable but still subtle enough not to be cheesy. Keep it up!


Yeah, I think that’s where the challenge is. If it’s too obvious it goes cheese, if it’s too subtle it becomes a boring piece of a guy waiting. Hope I can hit the right balance.

I’ll be waiting for your entry! Let me know when it’s up in case it goes under the radar.


Here I am back on this, work has been stealing the best of my time so I’m trying to finish the piece.

I took the idea of the flowers in the floor and decided to do something else. While not flowers, what we see in the floor are little rocks this guy has been droping with the years as they pass by. And we can actually see him write a new one (Ten years ago, right?)

ok so the image goes:

And here’s how I hope the composition will work (though I still need to sketch the lighting which will help bring all together):




This is just a general message to everybody in the forums to remember to upload their deliverables to the Challenge engine ( Only 2 days to go!

Please ignore this message if you already have. :slight_smile:

Good luck, Mike


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