CGChallenge XXVII - TEN (Image) Entry: Noxmoony


Hey everyone! This challenge seemed to fun to pass up so here goes! I’m in :smiley:
Alrighty, so this’ll be my first cgsociety challenge but I’m gonna do my best. This topic is so interesting, there’s so many ways to see it…I still haven’t locked on an idea yet, but it’s going to be an image entry that’s for sure. I’ll try to update with some thumbnails once I’ve got a few story ideas. All the best to everyone! Let the madness begin!! :beer:


Let the madness begin? HHEHEHEEHHEEHEHEHEH You are right! ahhahahahaha! Wellcome in mate and good luck to you too!



Another Welcome from me and good luck with your entry.


@OZ: Ha ha ha yeah madness indeed :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks a lot for the welcome! Really appreciate it yo! I’ll do me best aye. Cheers mate :beer: And good luck to you as well :thumbsup:

@mmoir: Thanks so much man! Really appreciate it man. All the very best to you as well! :thumbsup:


Right so I was brainstorming the other day and came up with a few ideas. Here’s what I got so far:

  1. A person came across an old drawing they did when they were like 10 or something and the image shows the person looking at it. It’s a pretty childish doodle. In the background there’s probably a screen which is showing the current image he/she is working on. Which is looking pretty good, as in they’ve improved a lot in the last 10 years.

  2. A person is looking at a display at a shop window showcasing something they really really want. And it costs a 100 bucks. He’s got a 10cent coin on his palm and he’s looking at the display wistfully.

  3. The clock is at 10 to 2pm. A student in a classroom is staring at the clock, no attention to the teacher and all the other activities of the students around them. Because it’s the last day of school till summer vacation and only 10 minutes till school breaks.

Soo these are all I got for now. I’m going to try and come up with a few more ideas to see if I can come up with something better. And then I’ll try to pick one and then the real work will begin I guess. :wip: Well guys tell me whatcha think. I’ve decided to go for a 3D image, so there’s a lot for me to do. Aaaa I better hurry up :banghead:


Yeah as the titles says me is back. Wohoo! Anyway um sorry for being so late but I was trying to come up with some more ideas and got kinda busy…and er lazy too >__> but hey who cares, I got an idea that I think I might go for so I am back :smiley:

Basically I was doodling last night and came up with this:

And a while back I was thinking of a theme with a ten petalled flower and I mixed the two up and this is what I have:

A rabbit-like monk has been searching far and wide for the legendary 10-petalled flower that only blooms once every thousand years. The flower is said to grant one boon to whoever finds it. The monk being blind has only one wish, and that is to get his sight back. He cannot see by himself, but he has a special spelled lantern that only allows him to see during the day. The spell will dissipate after 10 months and then he won’ be able to re-use that spell either, so he’s desperately wanting to find the flower. So in the image, the monk will have finally found the flower but a strange creature is eating it up. Or something along those lines.

Um it’s still very very rough, so I’ll prolly edit the idea as I go along, but this is what I have so far…yeah.

And here are some super rough sketches of the flower and the composition and stuff:

Feel free to critique and stuff.
I’ll be back with more stuff soon.
Thanks all
Ciao :arteest:


Nice concept Noxmoony . i like the character it’s so cool.
Good luck and waiting for the next post.


So I’ve been trying to think up the possible setting so here’s something I doodle today, it’s a test…trying to incorporate the characters into the place where the story takes place.

I’m gonna do a couple more and post them tomorrow. Kinda busy with other stuff today, but yeah there’s so much to do…I gotta design the characters properly too before I can move on to the modeling part… Also I’m thinking some other ways to portray this story and introduce a sidekick character…a squirrel…let’s see how that goes.

But yeah that’s it for my update now. Sorry it’s been pretty slow from me so far, but I’m try to post regular updates…so yeah :arteest:

Critiques and comments appreciated
Thanks all


@Suruj: Hey man thanks so much, I’m really glad to know you think so. Thank you so much! I’ll do my best! And you’re doin awesome! Keep goin man! :thumbsup:


Cool chatacter! Very nice colours and style!


Aight, might be a bit late…but I’m still in the game. :smiley: So here’s a quickie concept doodle thingy I did today, decided to change the story a little bit.

So basically this scene here shows the moment when the monk has finally found the ten petal flower, but instead of keeping it for himself he decides to pass it on to his little squirrel friend…um the squirrel is sorta like his apprentice. This take on my idea was suggested to me by my big bro Zub, so a big shout out to him. Um so now I gotta start workin on the modeling…which I’ll start as soon as I can…dayum not much time left. But I’m going to try my best and finish my entry! Aaaargh I am so far behind… geez…kicks self

Critiques and comments appreciated
Thanks all


@OZ: Hey man, thanks a lot for taking the time to visit my thread and comment. Really appreciate it and glad you think so too about the colours and style. Thank you very very much! :smiley:


So beautiful concept and like ur character ,color and brush stock it’s so cool.
waiting for ur next post…good luck.


Ah the deadline’s almost here, sorry guys couldn’t finish my entry this time…got so busy with stuff. But I hope to enter and complete the next challenge! And I’d like to finish this image too in my own time…All the very best to everyone!

@Suruj: Thanks a lot for the comment man, really glad you likey. Sorry I couldn’t finish my entry this time tho. Your one’s lookin awesome! GO Suruj GO!!



This is just a general message to everybody in the forums to remember to upload their deliverables to the Challenge engine ( Only 2 days to go!

Please ignore this message if you already have. :slight_smile:

Good luck, Mike


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