CGChallenge XXVII - TEN Image Entry - Emptyshell


Here’s an update on my entry. This is a study for the centaur character. I want her to appear well traveled and with a no nonsense attitude about her.

and here’s the full composition. My idea is that these two travelling companions, a ten foot giant and a centaur, are nearing the end of their tenth quest. To find the legendary valley of the ten pillars.

hope you like it.


Hey jonah,

The character starts to look really good, will be in 3D or 2D?


thanks for stopping by sebastian. the piece will be a full 2D painting in photohsop.

here’s an update too.

I’ve continued refining the composition mainly, bringing the centaur a little closer in the frame and opening up the valley in the background to create a stronger focal point. Hope you all like it!


Here’s the first colour pass for my entry. There’s still a lot of fleshing out to do, as well as defining the lighting and detail but this is a start at least. I changed the monuments a bit to conform to the ten theme better too. Hope you all like, feel free to critique!


So I’ve added more of the colour and continued to refine the composition. Hope you all like the progress :slight_smile:


ok I see you’ve been making progress. I like the color palette you’re using and start to look good refined shapes and proportions. I always enjoy seeing the step by step of a good illustration.


Continued working on the colours and lighting, as well as tweaks to the composition.

Note I haven’t worked the tree’s back into this version yet.

Thanks for stopping by again sebastian!


This may sound harsh, but I have good intentions.
You have a lot of inconsistent lighting going on. Left pillar is lit from right side, right arch is lit from the left, its shadows are cast from behind… You need to sort this stuff out, its really confusing and harms the image. Then there’s that black cloud shadow in far background - as dark as foreground shadows, thus again confusing the spatial arrangement even further.


thanks for your reply azazel, I do appreciate the feedback. I can see what you mean, I will definitely look at the lighting!


My final submission for challenge Ten!

I’ve tried to weave the ten theme into a number of elements in the piece. Obviously in the stone monuments throughout the valley, the number of monuments, less obviously ten appears as belt buckles and details in the quiver and such. Also even less obviously in the fact that there’s a centaur (century being a power of ten) as a play on words and a ten foot giant, at least that was the idea!

I hope you like the piece and good luck to everyone!!


hey jonah,

It´s Good to see you finished your entry on time, well done. I like your composition especially the centaur.

Good Luck!


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