CGChallenge XXVII-Ten-(image)-Ang Jyh Yang


Hi guys,
kind of late to start the challenge…but i’ll just do it and enjoy the process.
the image will be about a child counting up to ten in a game of hide and seek, but her friends have all been caught by a monster in the woods lurking behind her and waiting for her to finish the count.

did a rough thumbnail to get the image started. Will be detailing very soon.

good luck everyone.


Started to detail the child by first defining the hands that are covering the face. Changed the color of the hair to pop the hands out.

 Still a long way till the finished work.


Mister G, This is an interesting concept and I look forward to how you tell this story in your image. Good luck .


Yo! Good to see you around bro. Interesting concept and the initial scribbles are coming out great :slight_smile:
And make sure you submit the WIPs to the challenge uploader too.(


Yo bro thanks for the reminder, will keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Ok i was spending some time fixing the little girl in the foreground. Her hands were a little too big and her proportions were a little off. Made a portion of her face visible so that i can show her maybe smiling and unaware of the danger behind her. Worked on the hair as well. Painted legs and boots for now but may want to crop them later, depending on the framing.

Happier to see her now and will come back to her when i start the coloring and touching up.

Next, i started on the monster. This was done using a tree trunk texture.
First i find a portion of the texture that has cracks that look interesting and started painting on them. Adding where i need and erasing where i don’t, the basic look of the monster is done.

There are still bushes and trees yet to be painted. I am still pondering about the narrative aspect of this piece as i work on it.

next step will be to start revisting the composition and also integrating the bushes and trees of the forest. Coloring and more detailing coming soon.


Hello and a happy new year to everyone :slight_smile:

I have detailed the monster and child and added some foliage into the picture.
The detailing for the monster was fun and below is a wip process on how i did the arms.

went through the entire body to see if there are missing details and parts unclear.

The child did not have much detail to draw my attention. So i decided to add pattens on her dress and added some fabric textures. I painted some teeth while detailing the face, though i think i will need to come back and fix it later.

I tried making an impression of bodies wrapped up in web to put in the background. To tell the story of what happened to her friends who are hiding.

not too sure about it yet. maybe i will come up with something when coloring.

So with most of the stuff in, i gave the picture a slight rotation and cropped it, tweaked the values for contrast and blurred some area for depth.

oh and i placed the other eye of the monster on its far left, was thinking his eyeballs can move around and pop out from any of the cracks on its body.

Ok next step would be to color, touch up and fix problems… not sure about the color scheme to use yet. But will experiment a little. Once again, happy new year! :slight_smile:


Was testing some colors and trying out gradient maps.

not too sure about this, but it gives me something to start from.
Next i created a gradient from the sky to the ground, using a normal round brush.

i tried blending with more strokes and the smudge tool until i get a fairly decent transition at the bottom…

Applied overlay to this layer and adjusted the opacity.

a little happier with this result. More coloring coming up soon, though i am a little worried about the dress. But will figure out something as i go along.


Looking gooood…:thumbsup:


Really nice composition.
All the best! :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone for the support. :slight_smile:

I have been doing a little research on clothes and wool texture before coming back to this piece.
Did not like how the dress was looking, so i decided to try and give it the cotton fur look.

i gave it a pass of ‘fur’ with a round brush at 2px, afterwhich i used a bigger brush to give a few random strokes before smudging them to get the look.

Next i spent some time reworking the face of the child and the monster, adding skin colors and refining the details like hair and nails etc.

the trees and bushes got colored and i tried to make them look green… though i think i ended up using brown or something. Added a little blood on the claw of the monster just above the girl.

so this is the colored piece so far, hope you guys like it. Will do one more check and polish after getting some rest and fresh eyes.

Good luck with the challenge everyone ! :slight_smile:


ok just some minor adjustments here and detailing to make sense of the parts on the monster, maybe this will be the piece for final submission. Will still continue to improve it while there is still time. There’s so much i have learnt from working on this artwork. Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:



I like this very much. Your monster is very creepy and unique :slight_smile:

Im not sure if the image would work better with stronger black levels, have you tryed it?


I like the image , it has that erie feeling that I think you were going for.

The girl does have a playful smile but it would be nice if you could see the “whites” of one of her eyes through her fingers. I think it would help out with the image, you can try and see if this helps at all.

Good luck


mmoir, arcaneg, thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:
And to all my friends who spared their precious time to give critic and suggestions… thank you so much… really appreciate it :slight_smile:

ok, the couple of days were spent polishing the colors and values. More details were added to the overall picture.
There are now more trees slightly visible at the background.

and i added dust particles around the piece for some atmospheric effect.

Tweaked the values of the girl and surrounding while adjusting the color balance, that is as much as i can do with the time left. So this is the final piece, hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Hey bro, the overall feel works. As for the crits the background can get some more love though IMO. And probably girl’s arms. Maybe it’s the pose or something.

But as I said the feeling is there. And the atmosphere is great too. Hope to see you around. :thumbsup:



This is just a general message to everybody in the forums to remember to upload their deliverables to the Challenge engine ( Only 2 days to go!

Please ignore this message if you already have. :slight_smile:

Good luck, Mike


Yo Ishan, thanks for pointing out the arm, i think i overdid the shadows. Hope i can fix it in time and give it a little more luv. :slight_smile:


spent time making sense with the silhouettes of the hanging bodies at the back.

added more details and tried god rays here.

almost there, just a bit more and i should be done. hope you all like it so far :slight_smile:


ok, the final image title : Hide-And-Seek
did a few screenshots to tell the story of the picture just for fun. :slight_smile:

and the final image

 Hope you all like it :)


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