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Hello everyone! I’m excited to be a part of another CGChallenge :slight_smile:

I’m going with an image around the theme ‘10 hours to deadline!’, about a young man working away in the middle of the night in front of his computer trying to finish his work on time, likely working finishing up his CGChallenge entry :stuck_out_tongue:

Still thinking about whether to go with an overall feeling of sleepiness, or caffeine-fuelled excitement. Probably will go with the latter.

Will start working on some concept art soon, but in the mean-time, here is what I’m thinking: A dark room with a computer monitor as the only source of light, illuminating the young man’s manic expression. He works at his desk which is littered with crushed soft drink cans, art equipment, and crumpled papers. Behind him, in the near-darkness, lays his pet on his bed, fast asleep.

I may include some degree of the room ‘coming alive’ with his imagination, but one thing at a time :slight_smile:


I agree - I think going with the caffeine-induced, cracked-out kind of feeling that you get at 4am half way through an all-nighter would be best. It’s a feeling most of us can probably sympathize with!


THIS IS MY EVERYDAY LIFE!!! I agree with KMcNamara… a lot of people here around knows perfectly what is a “10 hours to deadline” !!:scream:



Thanks for the replies TeamBAR and Oz! I agree and that’s the theme I’m going to try going with :slight_smile:

I’ve finally found some time to spend on this, and here is my concept art:


ohhhh yes, this is a rather familiar to many of us in the world of design. The smell of coffee, the sound of pc fans, cold in the morning you chills the bones … Ohhh yes, this is the desing world…good subject.


Thanks! I hope the final image ends up resonating as well as the description! :slight_smile:


Started creating the scene in 3d. Still a long way to to, but here is a first glimpse:



This image might be good inspiration for you!


Thanks for the link. Definitely similar idea; hadn’t seen it before. It certainly sets the bar high! One way in which mine should be different is that I’m going for a more positive, upbeat vibe. That one definitely has some good ‘grunge’ to it though :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello! Time for another update. I’ve made a few more pieces of the scene, which I will add more detail to once I’ve finalized the camera shot. I’ve also played a tiny bit with the lighting to give a general sense of where it’s going. It’s a bit empty/sleepy at the moment, but I think I’ll finish this one before the deadline! Even if it’s only 10 hours before :stuck_out_tongue:



Great subject.

Updates look like they are coming along nicely. One thing, you may think on is the proximity of the desk and the edge of the bed. Doesn’t look like there is enough room for a chair and person to fit between the two, or even extra room, for say, someone to walk through behind him when he is sitting at the desk. This might change your lighting a bit since if you have to move it away from its current location. Also keep in mind that when you do put guy in a chair in front of the light, it will likely cast dark shadows directly behind on the bed. It might be hard to illuminate the dog if most of the bed is covered by his shadow.

Look forward to following your work,



Thanks for the feedback! You’re right about the desk & chair being a bit close together. Right now it’s based loosely on my actual room, where I have that problem :stuck_out_tongue: As for lighting, I agree it might be an issue with seeing anything else in the room, so I may add in a few more lights somewhere so long as the monitor remains the main source and focus. Now that I have the main objects in the room, I’m going to start playing around with lighting and position and hopefully make it more compelling :slight_smile:


Very nice lighting. Very …night life like!:wink:



Thanks! That’s what I’m trying to go for; I think I’ll need to give it a bit more character with a splash of colour, but I’ll get there. I think I’ll post one more update with a few lighting tweaks before I create the person to sit at the desk.


I think it is a good way to proceed. I mean…the mood of the room maybe the most important aspect of the entire image. So…ill be back for more!



Agreed! And thanks! :slight_smile:

Here is one last update before I start character modelling. Added a bit more detail here and there, and also little bit of colour.



That splash of color was a nice touch. :beer:


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