CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - azazel


really nice man, I like the atmosphere very much and execution as well. good luck


good start,really like the composition, already look’s it gonna be something cool:D


Thanks :slight_smile:
Versiden - yes, some of that is on the to-do list. Especially vines.

Last few days I’ve been doing some development on background planets… did a bunch of work for the rest of the image too, but mostly technical things - fixing bad UV’s, rebaking maps, and sorting out why things weren’t working as they should - visually, not much to show, but it will matter in the end.


Ugh, finally, some visual progress. Gonna have to keep the detail level in check…


More details - red crystals are another, albeit convoluted, 10 woven into the image - they are built of 10-faced single crystals, and the color red is a color of neon light, and neon is tenth element in the periodic table ;)…



Great work. So much amazing details and nice blend of colors.



realy Nice work azazel…good luck


Did a test rendering at high res, which resulted in a lot of work - not seen here, but little small details, bump definitions, etc. Still, lots of that kind of stuff to be done.


Smashing Update!!! What a marvelous work! One of the very best piece of art here around!



yep, still loving this piece. I really like the small detail of the falling dirt from the structures, awesome touch!


Slowly working on the details - main stuff is rendered, just adding some passes as needed. Lot of this stuff is barely noticeable on its own, but important altogether. Slight edge glows on the planets, dust/smoke, atmosphere between the plants, spiderwebs, local lighting tweaks, etc.

Most important, though, I found something for the character to do - now the image makes sense :wink:

Emptyshell: That dirt is gone now, but will be re-introduced. Previous version didn’t look so hot in closeup.

OZ: Thanks :).


well done man, I love the new pose of the character and gives the piece a whole new meaning, and more heart!


Wow, that’s gorgeous! Great colors and atmosphere. The character is looking good- nice pose, definitely adds meaning to the piece.


super progress mate. you never disappoint.

the top of the front structure is a bit distracting though, nothing that bothered me in the first version, probably because it wasn’t that red and detailed. it shots you up and out of the image. what about a slightly blue gradient on the top of it, leading us back. or less detail/focus, as one would draw it.
i like the closeups more than the final image, and i believe it might be due to what i said above.
btw, have you tried changing the camera angle? might be nice to have it placed slightly lower to make the structures feel even taller and impressive. I’d almost like to see them disappear in fog somewhere up in the sky! kinda what i imagine that beanstalk in “jack and the beanstalk” would do. but these structures might not be tall enough.
and the guy is looking ace in hires, but hard to distinguish in small. maybe clarify the silhouette a bit more.
with all that said it’s still already awesome and a candidate for the first place in this challenge if you ask me. and don’t feel bothered to do any of what i said, just thought it might give some new ideas.
(we’re heading to Queenstown to celebrate christmas btw :-P)


might get some ass whopping for this! :slight_smile:

this is kinda what i had in mind in my previous post. might even be cool to have a “heart” on them structures, giving a red/orange light source to the otherwise cold landscape. just ideas presented with a shitty overpaint, pick one or none, i don’t care as long as you don’t hate me :slight_smile:


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Anders, crits are more than welcome. I think I get what you are saying, makes sense. Will try to implement most of it - except changing the camera, no time to re-render all. But I can scale the character down a bit, may help with the scale. On the other hand, he’ll lose even more clarity in the big picture. Probably will try to fix the silhouette, and then a bit of resizing.

Trying to keep the level of detail high enough for high-res images is a tricky challenge, as getting carried away with detailing and polishing one object sometimes harms the whole image… I had to throw away a lot of fine details after first high-res previews. It’s not the amount of detail, but having the detail in right places that seems to be the ticket.

I’d almost like to see them disappear in fog somewhere up in the sky! kinda what i imagine that beanstalk in “jack and the beanstalk” would do. but these structures might not be tall enough.

I was thinking about it, but those things are not THAT big. It is an interesting idea though, maybe a seed of an idea for new image? :wink:

Have fun in Queenstown! I’m heading home just before Christmas, some hectic time ahead ;).


Ah, this kind of stuff… hmmm, gotta think on it. Probably too big change to do at this stage, but I like the flipping of the character. Maybe I can throw in some lights underneath the structures, and render some additional light-passes… Thanks :slight_smile:


Looking really awesome! I love the plant life (if that’s what it is)


no worries! pick whatever you find simple enough, if anything, and don’t feel obliged to change stuff. it’s already supercool and one of the reasons i’m browsing this challenge lately :slight_smile:


Love your entry man, this is awesome!


I gotta say, I really like what Fellah did there with the underside of the structure, showing it off more. I think you could achieve that in modelling without changing the camera.