CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - azazel


I had a lot of trouble coming with something that not only is at least in some way 10-related, but also mine - It was a long process, and in some way, still in progress. I Listed everything I could think of when it comes to ten, and then I listed the visuals I was keen to explore, and basically looked for possible intersections, and then went on a tangent from there. In the end, I chose the theme that is close to my heart - far away worlds - and will try to weave various more or less subtle tens into the image. I even considered using 10x10 grid as a base for composition, but it doesn’t work that way.

So far, obviously, ten moons in the sky, ten main living structures… other living things in the scene will by 10-times radially symmetrical, or have 10-segmented bodies.

Anyway, even if I’ll stray far away from the 10 theme, it still looks like a fun image to work with.

It’s good to be back in the game :). Good luck everyone.


GUUUYS! AZAEL IS IN!!! wellcome back in challenge M8!!! I remembervery well your past stuff! Coll to see you here!!!:wavey:



yeea :slight_smile: will be interesting. I like the idea of this work :thumbsup:

Good luck azazel


Thanks guys :).
I had a chance to do some more work on it in the last few days (I did the first version some days ago, but waited with posting until I had something more :wink: ). Needs more population still, but I’m already anxious to get to the texturing and colours stage.


Really awesome start! Looks very interesting.


Hey azazel!
It looks awsome. It’s really interesting. I’m going to be waiting for updates.


cool idea, the shape is so dynamic and composition perfect!


wow mate, that’s excellent!! what a start… will be following this from now on.


Hey Anders! Maybe you’ll enter too, just like old times :wink: ? Would be fun :).

Little update: some lifeforms - either symmetrical, or just ten-legged. I’d like to do more, as it’s fun, but I’m having some trouble placing them in the image - so they don’t wreck the composition, are at all visible, and so on.

Those are quick and dirty - but I think they’ll do, they won’t be that big in the final image.


wow! this is looking amazing!! Your models are awesome, really clean. love your composition too, the organic structures look excellent!!


looking frickin awesome, again!! just hoping you’ll keep some of the simplicity you have going already and not clutter the empty areas to much.

sadly the challenge was announced at the worst possible time for me so i won’t be able to join, but i’ll keep an eye on it from now!


Yeah, that’s the tricky part - I want to make it a high-res image, so the detail should be there - but the simplicity is important as well.

Well, maybe next time :slight_smile:


First pass at the textures - some tweaks needed, but I like the direction.


This is looking great so far! I love the composition. Strong and simple… and I can feel an echo of number 10 in it… The big, central moon, like number 0, and the first big building on the front, like number 1. Do you have any color reference, or quick sketch of color scheme? Just wondering if this is going to be so cold. Are you planing on breaking this hue, into some more warm colors in the foregrond?


Lovely, looking great so far :slight_smile:


This is looking soo cool already. :thumbsup:


Wow, love this! Nothing I could accomplish - it seems… still struggling with simple forms…

Is it all in 3D? Thought the first image is 2D than saw your creatures - they are 3D - zbrush I guess. So the final is a combination of 2D and 3D??


Yes, this is roughly the color scheme I want to keep. I will bring up the reds and oranges a bit, and add some colorful lichen-like growth to various surfaces, so it’ll break it up a bit. Hopefully, the the animals will be a bit colorful as well.

Wow, love this! Nothing I could accomplish - it seems… still struggling with simple forms… Is it all in 3D? Thought the first image is 2D than saw your creatures - they are 3D - zbrush I guess. So the final is a combination of 2D and 3D??

This is mostly 3d. Only 2d parts so far are the planets in the background, and the human silhouette. The texture is painted in zbrush, then tweaked in photoshop.
The way I work, I usually do my sketching in 3d very early on. I did some paper sketches for this, will try to post them, but as soon as I saw potential in it - I did some quick models, and set up the layout in 3d. This way I know exactly what needs to be modeled in detail, and what will not be visible at all - saves time.

Another advantage of this workflow - you don’t spend much time on the models at this stage. So it’s no big deal to change them, throw them out, re-do - you are not committed to anything.

TheJinj & mic - Thanks guys :slight_smile:


YOU DID IT! I was sure that you make something special…and infact…here we are…Azael 100%. Splendid design and colours. 6 stars! :applause:



looking cool man! I’ll be following this one ;p

are you going to add little things in the holes? maybe vines growing, cracks, moss, or small animals just some ideas