CGChallenge XXVII - TEN Apostles - Henry Pashkov


Hi guys!

Not for the sake of a victory only, but for the sake of support.
I love space.
Respectively and work will be on this subject.


The first of the ships of future scene


Nice design ship.Good luck!


The second ship for a scene. The ship for a distance shot. Specification level average.


The third ship for a scene. Main. On the foreground.
The model was begun about two years ago. It is thrown and revived again. It is remade. New details were added.


Idea for a scene


Background for a scene


Horos - a direct hit!


The battleship - under attack


“10 APOSTLES” - all batteries fire!


I collected a scene


It would be desirable to hear comments. Before a color correction stage.


It is a little color correction


You are working like a machine! That’s a lot of work in no time!. The ships look great, but in the final composition the fire and dust elements look out of place. Also, the background is a bit distracting. It’s just my opinion and you might be trying some other look.

Would love to see them moving some day :smiley: Good luck!


The background turned out interesting. There is no wish to change it. It is necessary to arrange color correction.


I changed the provision of the ship in the foreground. And dust loop - “dipped” a little.


Hey , great work on this. I think that some tweaks to the background could make a big difference although I really like it on its own. Maybe just change (by color correcting) the planets colors abit so it is different from the galaxy dust field(purple-ish).
Also I would tend to think something in the extreme foreground on the lower right side of the image would give some more depth to the image. You could also place some of these ships much further back into the scene to help out with the 3d depth.
Great job and good luck.


One more candidate for addition to scene.
Mobile hospital “Healer”.

I.e. ships not simply battle to someone.
They punch blockade.
Releasing a way to the ship to hospital.


Something it seems here the such.



more depth and perspective will be more dynamic.
All the best.