CGChallenge XXVII - TEN (Animation) StefanGura


Ha, really good job, Stefan! Congrats and good luck! :smiley:


I saw in your “making of” there’s some mesh controlling the hair? Is that some modifier?

it is for Ornatrix OX hair shell. I created main strands based on vertexes. Groomed it. Then offseted copy of mesh based on position on strands. And used it with OX hair shell.

how many hair do you have there per person

500 000 - 600 000.

and thanks yakonusuke


Hey, thanks! It’s just pricelss tips! :slight_smile: Wish you luck with competition!

PS: I actually did the other way - created reference of my skinned mesh, applied “morpher to it” and used as Shell. So hair behaviour could be controlled by morphs through “hair shell”.
Ofcourse I can only model hair by changing shell not by grooming like you did.:).


So beautiful work and i like so much ur short film.
It’s awe some…great job stefan…


Congratulations, your project has a very funny idea and is technically ambitious.


Congratulation Stefan ! Well done!


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