CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Adrian Baluta


Thanks guys for your feedback!

About camera work I will do final touch at the end,when I have all the edit.


So much to work.The time is going fast,a lot to animate,render and compose.Working right now
on more rigid body simulation,at the end will be disaster in the room.

All the best to you guys!


Hi,guys.A little update.Frames from the rigid body simulation.
All the best!


This is looking great mate. Looking forward to your entry!:thumbsup:


Hi, rigid body simulation in the scene.Hope you liked!

Thanks redCigarette! All the best to you!


Amazing! Great work! Wish you all best. Good luck!!


The speed of the simulation is looking much better - nice job!


Thanks guys! I hope at the end to make a good animation:)


More work,less time.Hope to finish on time!
The other side of the room.

All the best!


Only 27 days and a lot to render and compose :smiley:
An update will be soon :slight_smile:



here is an update from my animation.

More will come :slight_smile:


This one is looking awesome, Great work mate!


Thanks mtd2004! A lot to render and compose and the Christmas is coming :beer: So I must manage my time on the project very well :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas guys,and all the best for the next year!


Hi,here is an small update on animation.Hope you liked!


Adib it’s so beautiful and impressive shot.I like it so much.
great work Adib…waiting for ur shot film…best of luck.


Thank you suruj2d3d! All the best to you!


Nice progress there. Keep going mate.


More updates :slight_smile:


Thanks redCigarette! All the best to you.