CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Adrian Baluta


Wow, you are so fast! Love everything you did so far!


Thank you! Yes I need time for render, composition and music so I must move fast :bounce:


another update


:thumbsup: Good Luck :slight_smile: i really like your work


here it is a composition test.Hope you liked!

All the best.


Man! The colour mood of the bedroom is marvellows! Great stuff m8! In italy we say “BELLA PROVA” …that sonud just like “YIU DID IT MAN!”.



Thanks guys! Here is an update:Intro scene test-mood.


Powerful progress…wish you the best!


I like the mood and lighting for your intro scene


here is an update.Intro scene from my movie.I don’t understand why is darker that my

All the best :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!More updates will come :slight_smile:


you are making impressive progress! gogoogo


Is there a chance to slightly bend those sharp, straight edges (roofs, walls…), and maybe round some corners? it would look bit more polished IMO. And maybe some highlights on the edges will catch then.



here is an progress from my animation.Hope you liked!

All the best:)


Good stuff Adib.

Love the use lighting in all your scenes. Draws your eyes exactly to the focus of attention.



So Beautiful animation progress Adib.
Waiting for next post…good luck


Thank you Versiden!

Thanks for the feedback.If I have time I will change some assets on the intro,but now I work on animation and I want to put the story on screen.


Alot to work on !Thanks!

All the best guys!


Niiiice update man!! the mood of the opening scene is perfect. If I can see something that need a little touch, is the camera speed. The scene is very…peacefull,so i feel as the camera have to move a bit slower.:slight_smile:



Some screens from composition.Hope you liked!
All the best.


I love your work!..seriously, I am so looking forward to seeing more.

I can so relate to this, since I just became a grandpa about a cpl of months ago and my grandson is great! Everytime I see your work it reminds me of him in his crib.

Very inspiring Adrian. Thanks