CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Adrian Baluta


As I mentioned before, it looks awesome! Kids are full of surprises! I am sure you won’t disappoint. If you have a child of your own I am sure you have a lot of memories to borrow from!


Thanks grumposaur!
I have 2 kids and I now what you mean.They are really cute and make my life better.


here is an update on BG elements.More will come :slight_smile:

All the best


The father character is really nice also chair…Adib.
I like ur work so much…


Beautiful stuff man! Keep it up


Thanks guys! I won t disappoint you!:slight_smile:


Update:) Size relation.
All the best!


Way to go! Already rigged and posed characters! :slight_smile: Very nice and quick progress. :thumbsup:


just checked out your entry. I really like where your going with the modelling, crisp, clean style. looks really cool


Thanks again! Here is an update.Lighting test and mood.
Hope you liked:)


here is my progress on rigid bodies simulation.Hope you liked!:slight_smile:
All the best


Hey Adrian, nice job! I would say that things are moving a bit too slowly in the simulation - the scale seems a bit off. In order to fall that slowly they would have to be covering a huge distance! Looking forward to more.


Thanks!Will be fine tuning on dynamics.Here is just a test to see how I will manage.



another update.Hope you liked!


Update! :slight_smile:


sweeeeet! :buttrock:
imho, theres a bit too much blue/violet, maybe slightly desaturate it?


hey adib,

Looks like this baby is going to cause a disaster. looks great.
Maybe work a little more on lighting, is a little dark.


awesome lighting there with the cold and warm contrast


Hi there and thanks guys!Here is an update about lighting and colors.Tell me what you think.
All the best


The storyboard page one. :slight_smile: