CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Adrian Baluta


Thank you! I won t disappoint you:)


Awesome sketches and concept Adip. Also I like the character so much… :buttrock:


Thanks! Today will be an update:)


Hi here it is the concept of his father.
All the best!



All the best!


Hi again:)
here is the wip of the kid.Update will follow.

All the best


Ah HA! you made ​​the right choice!! your concepts rocks a lot! and 3d perfectly fit to the drawings! :applause:




Thanks OZ!


Update on the main character.The setup is waiting.Hope to finished this weekend and to start on the father character.Hope you liked:)


The baby looks really good. I really like the hair and how it turned out :slight_smile: Well done!


Thanks a lot Splinter!After I finish the characters I will post the storyboard.


The child is finished.I will start working on the father model.
All the best:)


So beautiful and cool work Adip.I like ur work so much.


A good speed as usual! Great idea and very nice concepts! :slight_smile:


Thanks!Update will follow:)

Thanks valeoart!Without speed you can t manage the video competition:thumbsup:


Hi here is an update with father character wip.Hope you liked!


I like the father character wip Adib.It’s awesome ! Waiting for the final look the father character…


Update the father:)

Thanks suruj2d3d!


As it is Helloween time I decided to give you some inspiration:

This might give you some crazy ideas :wink:


Thanks ElviraArkanov!
But my kid will do some disaster in a funny way.Will be a funny short,I hope:)