CGChallenge XXVII - TEN - Adrian Baluta


Hi guys!

a new great challenge,good luck to everyone!:beer:


hi and wellcome!


Thanks!Good luck to you:)


you have an idea of what you do?


I work it on right now!Update will come soon:)



I have 3 stories and I don t know witch will be so PLEASE HELP ME decide witch one

will be.


A kid 10 mounts old who will do a lot of things that make a chain reaction in a funny way.At the end his room will be a disaster.THE POWER OF 10 mounts:)


Movie starts with an commercial of a transform toy car,a nice gadget for kids.The toy s name
is car 10.The kid ask his father to buy this toy.When the kid receive his toy is very happy but in time the toy will broke so he will return to the old toys like bicycle.


Alien planet.Little aliens playing on they arid planet.Suddenly they saw a device who looks like a clock bomb.They are really scared and tried to deactivated but the counter didn t stop.At the end counter stop to ten and the little ones close their eyes.When they open it see a big surprise that device generate grass and plants,that they never see before.

All suggestions will be apreciated.

All the best



Guys any suggestions:curious:


I like your options 1. & 3. Both seem like they could be interesting. Good luck fleshing out these ideas.


this is the design title.Concept and sketches will follow.
All the best!


Thanks for your feedback! I chose the first story with the kid.
I hope to do it in a funny way.


THE FIRST !! THE FIRST !! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:



Curious to see this evolvo.

will it be 2d animation, or 3d?

ps: you can link the images straight from where cgtalk puts them. Just open your image in a new tab and you can copy the url.



here is the concept for the main character the kid:)
Hope you liked!

All the best


Thanks guys!

About the technique I will do a mix 2D and 3D.Right now I don t know if the main character will be 3D,but for shore will be 3D elements for the dynamic simulations:)

All the best


HEY MAN! YOU ROCKS! Soo beautiful concept! :bowdown:



Awesome! Love the concept. It sounds like your entry is going to be a good one.


Thanks guys! A lot to work,I hope to finish on time:)


Hi all!
a background sketch. More will come:)


Hi all,

here is an update about character color.Hope you liked!
All the best:)


Awesome sketches!!! Gonna follow this one!