CGChallenge XXVII - RKurczewski


Greetings gents, it’s been a while since I’ve been takin a part in one of those. Subject of my work would be a charge ot 10th regiment of polish hussars from 1812. Blender, sculptris, Vue… and let us see how it rolls


Horse. Pre- rig base mesh. Working on saddle, reins etc.

Since there will be plenty of them in the picture, I am doing my best to keep it low/mid poly, thus most of details will be painted on bump/diffuse maps.


It is nice to see Polish in Challengo, who is also using blender:)
If I have got more time i would also try:)
Anyway, You want to render it in blender or another software?
If in blender probably in cycles. Why you You do not use hair particle(I mean tail)?You now can render it using cycles. I didn’t try but on blenderartist there are topic about it:)


Thank you for a comment. I am going to do everything in Blender (well, most of it- apart from smoke/dust/sky) and nope, no Cycles since ATM it does not support atmospheric effects, which would be crucial for outdor scene. No hair- and reason is quite different: performance. For 30 horses with 30 riders it would take hell of the time to render AND since it will be just “battle scene”, with no close ups, I do not really need anything more then fake hair on alpha (at least that’s what I think at the moment). We will see how it goes…

Of course colors are by no means final- they just allow me to spot overlaps/ fighting faces. Oh- and here is reference pic:


That would be it for today. Tomorrow- finishing base for rider.


Pre-rig posing…


I am getting curious: how this thing will rig and I got a baaad feeling about it.


Hm.You are right. Too much time to render what you don’t need really. Fake hair will be better solution:) Your progress is impressive:)


hello RK, nice to see you in the contest ! good luck !


Well- thank you. I do not have much time to spare (and it is just one month left) so I gotta hurry if I want to finish this one in time.

Hey Jaras :slight_smile: Good to see you again bro.


Guess that’s it for today. I gotta give my eyes some rest.


Time to rig a base character to prepare about… 30 poses ?


Just few poses. I need like… 3 times more I think. On a side note- it feels almost like being kid and playing with plastic soldiers again. Not a bad thing…


Horse rigged. Time to start posing.


First assembly test


…and that’s how all poses I got assembled together look like atm:


There’s some repetition oh horses’ hind legs, and all the human heads are on the same level - If you changed the body proportions for each pose, make some of them taller, fatter, leaner, it would help.


Thanks for advice mate, much appreciated. Agreed, but I intend to do it only after texturing- otherwise I’d have to texture each model from the very begining and I am not THAT crazy. This is just very first assembly test, to see if it all makes sense.


Just some progress.


and next day (night actually)