CGChallenge XXI - Strange Behavior


Hi everyone!

We’re incredibly proud to finally announce CG Challenge XXI, “Strange Behavior”. It is completely free to participate in and we encourage everybody to join in! Its also the richest CG Challenge we have ever run…

with over US $90,000 total value prize pool!

This challenge draws on one of the most popular artistic themes – unusual behaviors and relationships. Whether it’s a giant robot admiring a fluffy teddy or a sheep in wolf’s clothing; a cow that thinks it’s a helicopter or a warrior going into battle dressed as a giant pink bunny – they all make you stop and think. They also stimulate discussion – what one person finds funny another thinks is demented. Unusual juxtapositions and humor allow us an unprecedented freedom of expression. They can also bring us closer as we laugh together and at ourselves.

This CGChallenge notably includes a screenplay for a short film “Art Gallery”. Like the last CGChallenge, we’re encouraging team video entries, this time in the form of short film adaptations of the screenplay. The prize categories have also been revamped to better highlight excellent works.

Find out more and sign up on the challenge page!

CGChallenge XXI Sponsors

[li]BOXX Technologies[/li][li]NVIDIA[/li][li]Autodesk[/li][li]Softimage[/li][li]Pixologic[/li][li]Luxology[/li][li]e-on Software[/li][li]Maxon[/li][li]RealViz[/li][li]Corel[/li][li]Stash[/li][li]Gnomon Workshop[/li][li]MudBox[/li][li]Ballistic Publishing[/li][/ul]If you have any questions, feel free to head on over to the FAQ thread.

– Robert Mibus, CGChallenge Administrator <>

– Mark Snoswell, CGSociety Director <>

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wow - those prizes are unbelievable. wish i could join…


Quick question…since I’m not sure if I’m entirely understanding the point of the “animation” category.

Is it simply a hi-rez still image with some motion applied?

In other words, would a well-animated character-based piece with very simple characters/setting do very well (in the judgeing process) against an extremely detailed scene with just a camera move?


The animation category is designed to show off a detailed 3D model/scene. Narrative pieces fall more into the short film category.


I think the idea is that the judges would compare the quality of animation to the quality of modelling. Therefore a kickass animation would go toe-to-toe with a mind-blowing model. I guess the whole I idea of lumping the model/animation category into one is to stop the confusion in the illustration category, since many people use a cross blend of 2d and 3d tools for illustration these days.

Let me put it this way. If your recent mouse animation was up against ambient-whisper’s Zbrushed colossus model, i’d have a hard time deciding which was cooler. :smiley:

EDIT: Anton summed it up much nicer above. Pay no attention to the teacup. :slight_smile:


I actually do like Bjork - but the hint tie in was irresistable. :wink: Good luck to all, looks like another amazing Challenge! :slight_smile:


Ok thanks for the clarification!


Entered! I love the idea for this challenge.


The Animation category is where you put 3D work to be considered for these prizes:

Depending on what prizes entrants are aiming for there will be a wide variation of work in this category.


:eek: …that was quick…I wasn’t expecting the next challenge for a few months at least

good luck to all!


so, is the short film category only for teams, or for individuals too?


Individuals are fine - you’re just a team of one :slight_smile:


Great theme… one question though…

you mention in the guideliness that : “Unusual juxtapositions and humor allow us an unprecedented freedom of expression. They can also bring us closer as we laugh together and at ourselves.”

does that mean that the theme HAS to be light hearted and humorous? Or is that just an option?



Great theme :thumbsup:

There’s a ‘small’ inconsistency though with respect to the Animation section:

-On the instruction page it says “Still and 10sec – 3 min animation”
-But on the deliverables page it says “10sec – 2 min Animation”


Great spotting - thanks!


This is an excellent theme…

There’s lots of scope for some great & varied entries.

Looking forward to it!



well i’m entered…sounds like a fun and open challenge…whether i have the time to compete or not is another thing…but i’m entered all the same…


YES YES YES FINALLY!!! SOME INSPIRATION!!! god im pumped! im starting NOW


puts on really poor comic book guy voice

Best Theme Everrr!

Thanks guys… it’s as if you’ve just handed us total creative license:D


Cool ,have been waiting for this.

Very different theme indeed,sounds like fun.