CG Workshops 4 Sale


I would love to be able to order past workshop instructions on DVD. I tried to sign up for the charactor design class with Steven Stahlburg, but missed the cutoff number. Certainly I won’t be able to have Stahlburg give me feedback while working, but I could use the forums at the same time for the help. Seems like an easy way to add more revenue generating avenues while maybe putting a little more money into the artist pocket and I would think there are more people that would want to purchase these sessions as well.


Hi colmite
Thanks for your suggestion. There is a lot more involved in mastering, producing and distributing a quality DVD than just reformatting static tutorials. Plus there are others who are already producing excellent DVD’s and we are concentrating on different priorities at the moment. However, Steven may do another course next year and we are also looking at the possibility of delivering some of his material for free in the near future.



Hell, it somtimes take me 30 hours just to set up a workshop lesson on a PDF.

“Teachin’ ain’t easy!” :twisted:


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