CG war birds/live action footage, with perks


I have been working on a concept for a short film about WW2 planes, I have my pilots license so If there is anyone interested who also lives in the BC coastal region I would be able to take you out to scout locations aswell as record air to air/ air to ground footage which will be the background plate for the 3d planes.


Hey Nick its Chad

You should give alot more detail as to what will happen in the story, what kind of scenes u will be doing, how much cg will be needed. you also should say what kind of ppl u are looking for.

Eg. you need a video production student or students. also say how many people u think u would need. chances are u will only need one video production student from vancouver that has access to a camera. you will also need an FX artist student that is capable of creating planes in mid air on fire and shooting, ect and can composite the CG onto Live Film. lastly you will probly need a video post artist (video / sound fx editor) to either do the editing or help u do it.

This is a great project idea man, Any students who are interested in this should take up the offer. u can get free flights around Vancouver and Vancouver Island for the shots! its a nice perk!



Yeah , what chad said. Ask for more details.


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