CG Top 20 - CG Retrospective 2005


Hi all!

Wishing you a very happy holiday season! We’ve posted the CG Retrospective 2005, with the Top 20 CG events that happened this year past. This feature is a result of public suggestions and voting.

Enjoy the look back at yet another eventful year for the CG industry. See you all in 2006!




Nice! :thumbsup:

There’s a typo on the first page, though: “Final Fantasy VII is … the movie sevquel”.


Thanks. I’ve fixed the typo but have no idea how that got into the final layout as it wasn’t in the editorial submitted… oh well, life happens.



No surprise to see what at #1 though it might have been nice to see a creative work there. But as the piece says the ramifications of it will be very interesting and, hopefully, will be fantastic too :slight_smile:

edit: nice presentation by the way!


wow what a retrospective, amazing that so much happened in 2005…


I really enjoyed reading this article, you guys do it a lot better than most of the magazines out there. Very good stuff :thumbsup:


Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the community made up this list ? :smiley:

I agree, cool article, it is great to see a run down of all things that buzzed this year in CG-land :slight_smile:


great article Leonard

read it a couple of days ago or whenever it was initally published and agree its great to have a concise overview of the past year in cg like that :thumbsup:



very nice.

thanks for putting the poll together.


Looks nice! I always liked these. :beer:


I was interested in viewing the DVD of Final Fantasy VII from the link provided on the Top 20 list. The link takes me to Amazon’s Final Fantasy VII DVD purchase, but the shipping date for this film says “2010”?? Is that correct? Is it telling me I wont receive this DVD till 2010? What if my address changes by then!


lol! and the fact that it takes another 5 years for it to arrive is ok with you?
what a dilemma… :smiley:

awesome article dudes!
i enjoyed it!
got me all hyped… :thumbsup:



yeah FF is never gonna make it :wink:

It’s also amazing that a lot of this all happened right at the end of the year.


No big suprises there- I thought the alias/autodesk debacle would come first and it did. Wasn’t that such a crazy time though? Everyone was so shocked! Autodesk Maya…who woulda thought it…

I’m still waiting to see a photoshop version of flash though…dream UI…


Well you definitely didn’t flub number 1, otherwise great job and this whole things was quite fun.


great list…i was sure about the no.1…great shock…1920 posts…a record in cgtalk history:scream:


the only thing that seems put of place is #2.

the fact that "02: Pixologic ZBrush Continues Prevalence", which is essentially saying “Zbrush still exists” is the second most important thing to happen for CG in 2005? Number 1 is an obvious choice… but saying that a small company happens to be doing pretty well is more important than Adobe buying Macromedia?

Thats just ridiculous, bordering retarded. Both Adobe and Macromedia supply ‘single instance’ software worldwide. There is no Photoshop replacement and there is no Flash replacement. For these companies to merge is arguably much more important than even Alias and Autodesk becoming one, seeing as there as other software packages with similar features and functionality.

If thats how people actually voted… then this isn’t the professional forum that it is advertised as. It’s just a group of software zealots.


Exactly. I always thought Adobe would be second, and if Alias/Autodesk didn’t happen, it would be #1 for me! My prediction for next year?

“Autodesk Media and Entertainment acquire Mental Images and Pixologic in time for SIGGRAPH 2006!” :eek:


Its funny that we chose the only thing in the list that didnt have any real effect on us yet as number one.
was pretty obviuse tho’ :hmm:

I’m glad FF made it in.
Hope to see more of those next year.

Oh ya, and I agree on number 2. Zbrush is revolutionary, no doubt about it, BUT its last year’s news … yes, people stil use it since then and its amazing but its not 2005 news… does putting it as such a main event mean it will also be a main event in 2006 if ppl stil use it ??


I reckon many of cgtalkers use zbrush. Also this forum is more about 3d than 2d, hence the lack of choice in 2d editing programs, like adobe and macromedia. Altho no doubt that photoshop is the most basic thing that a cg user would have know. Now if adobe was bought by some autodesk, than it could be no.1 :slight_smile: