An actual Forum for CG Talk/ Skype /msn users.

This would be nice with people with cg related problems,whether application pecific .

So you would go in to the forum ,then pick your program,such as maya ,or the sub catergory,then mayby dynamics.

Post your problem,some one else might have the same problem, you then meet up for a chat to solve a problem,both or more on each others computers.

This would be more of a learners Forum,not for the pros.(Only if they want),but they should go home and rest.

I think this would speed up and help along the forums as well,so people can post their answers in their to help others.

Its free to talk and people would do it in any spare time they have. at nights or at weekends.

I think if i saw someone with the same problems as me,who is willing to talk with others on skype or msn,to solve a problem quicker in front of you in real time,the you can post your results in the usual way,then get back together again if need be.

Its not that bad idea? is it…

A CG Talk Forum for Cg Talkers/skype/msn who want to meet and talk about their cg learning problems,and solve them.

Perhaps make faster learners,better cg artists.


We’re more ol’ skool than that. :wink: #cgtalk

Its the UNOFFICIAL cgtalk IRC channel btw…


Thanks for Posting,yes i guess you cg talk had that kind of chatroom.I guess it works for some.

It would be nice to have something official,and msn skype meeting place down the line at some time,there was an article about skype in the paper in the uk mail a day or so ago,saying thaey had more than 40 thousand more users now people are more aware of e - telephone calls,and since it was in one of the main newspapers im sure more will be joining in ,makeing normal land lines a thing of the past.

The word FREE sure wakes people up.

How about a poll,to see if people are interested in a cg talk Msn/Skype Forum?


Thanks for the reply.


I know there is a list of msn users in the discreet 3dsmax forum, maybe other forums could have that as well?


I think it would be nice to just have a msn /skype tag on your user tag,and it would be nicer to have a complete cg forum,as a main meet and greet with times and cg related problems and topics to solve,online by way of msn and skype.

For learners it would be so usefull,to problem solve the same question posted in a msn /skype forum,in their section or sub section catogary,in realtime with no cost or time limit involved.

Some times pro users cannot come back to answer questions on the forums for weeks as they very busy,or sometimes forget the thread completly.

But at least the learners can get together and try to problem solve this together ,with this new forum.Then post the answers for others.


I overreacted, comment removed.



Well i was not bad mouthing pro users,just saying that there time is scarece,and in the mean time learners can work out the problems between them,my idea was not for the pros but for the learners,pros would still go onto the forums in the useuall way

Of course i didnt think they would go for it,my own website,no,everybody is in here!

And of course it would not mean just skype users ,it does not matter what they have as long as they had a place to go.

Anyway it was just a Suggestion,and by the look of things,i should not have suggested it.

I guess i can ask with a post if anyone would like to confur my way in the forums on my own.

thanks for your replys.


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