CG Supervisor - Bardel Entertainment (VANCOUVER)


Position: CG Supervisor

Objective: To supervise, manage, create and administer a digital production pipeline for current production, requested tests, promos, small projects. To help in budgets as required by corporate. To attend client meetings and conference calls as required.

Report To: Line Producer of current project, CEO, Director of Production


The CG Supervisor will act as the CEO’s, Producer’s and Director of Production’s representative and will liaise between the Producer (or designees) and all digital production staff within the Producer’s facility and any other outside studios with respect to 3D and Digital Productions. The CG Supervisor will ensure that the Project has a consistent quality and style as established in consultation with the Art Director, Lead Character Designer, Directors and Producer, and will also ensure that the project is of the highest quality possible within the parameters of the production schedule and budget.

Essential Requirements:

[li]Must have at least 5 years experience working in the animation industry, including a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of CG, including animation and VFX
[/li][li]Must have excellent communication, problem-solving and people management skills
[/li][li]Must be a motivated, flexible, team player who can inspire and provide leadership
[/li][li]Be able to relocate to Canada for the duration of the project

Duties and Responsibilities Include, but no Limited To:

Production/Technical Duties
[li]Work with the CG departments to establish the overall CG pipeline, workflow, and directory structures for the production and possible new productions (tests, promos, etc.)
[/li][li]Coordinate scene retakes and review final shots with the Directors
[/li][li]Distribute work and set deadlines for the CG departments; manage and measure work, set clear objectives and monitor process, progress and results
[/li][li]Technically interpret the Director’s vision to the CG departments, while ensuring the artistic quality, content and continuity of the series is kept and that all artistic and technical
[/li]components of the series are achieved
[li]Pro-actively provide creative ideas and solutions for morale, technology, pipelines,
[/li]manpower and interpreting artistic vision
[li]Travel to designated locations when required by the Executive Producer and Producer
[/li][li]Incorporate artistic changes as per the Director, Executive Producer and Producer when
[li]Pro-actively learn new software and technology as it applies to animation and the digital
[li]Schedule, mediate and compile a final Post-Mortem report which will include an analysis of the successes, failures and lessons learned during the production process.[/ul]
Client/Budget Responsibilities
[li]Ensure the highest quality of work is made allowable in the allotted schedule and budget
[/li][li]Participate in bidding, scheduling, and client meetings; new software demonstrations and discussions regarding the testing or promotion of new and prospective shows
[/li][li]Prepare budgets, parameter documents and bid packages as required
[/li][li]Work within and manage the budgets, including all hires for the Project, in consultation with the Producer (or designees).
[/li][li]Schedule meetings and prepare and present for approval all elements or deliverables to the Director, Special FX Supervisor, Production Supervisor, Executive Producer, Producer and any other designated parties.
[/li][li]Create, monitor and receive quotes, organize and budget for the needs of the production/test/promo in consultation with the Producer (or its designees)
[/li][li]Report any concerns pertaining to the performance of any personnel and the delivery of the project with regards to budget and schedule, in order to meet contract requirements and deadlines.[/ul]
Employee Relations
[li]Manage all CG departments by providing clear direction and leadership
[/li][li]Help to create and promote a fun, healthy, work environment
[/li][li]Take part in potential employee interviews and salary negotiations
[/li][li]Mentor CG department supervisors and individuals to encourage the growth of Bardel
[/li][li]Create job descriptions for crew under direct management, participate in employee reviews and take part in disciplinary actions.
[/li][li]Ensure effective communication between all parties involved with the project, including
[/li]outside facilities, where applicable.[/ul]

If interested PLEASE SUBMIT your RESUME to


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