CG Retrospective 2005 - VOTE NOW


2005 will soon be history. With the help of the CGSociety community, we are compiling the Top 20 CG-related things that happened in 2005. Numerous pertinent events were suggested by the community in this thread on CGTalk. The criteria for selection was that the event, or thing that happened in 2005 had to be innovative, landmark or very cool. It could be events, movies, short films, games, products, software or anything that had a profound effect on the CG industry in 2005.

2005 CG Retrospective is now open for voting. As a CGTalk member, you are entitled to a vote using scores of 1-5. You do not need to score all items - only those that you are interested in. The Top 20 results of this 2005 CG Retrospective will be published on before Christmas. The list will be culled to the Top 20 sorted by score.


Voting will close on the midnight of Monday 12 December GMT.


This’ll be interesting :slight_smile:


The Orange open source 3D movie, which has started production thsi year.



Oh poop. The Lost Coast isnt listed. :bounce:

Very nicley compiled list. 3D industry embraces 64 bit, Autodesk Acquires Alias, XBox 360 are on the top of my list.



Whack… 2005 isn’t even over yet and some of the biggest and best things are still to come.


Yes, that looks like it will be very good! I am voting now.


This is great, there was so many things i did’nt even knew! Like Gorilaz live, that was totaly amazing, i gave it a 5 :slight_smile: .


This event is very interesting … I can’t wait …


Is there a urrel to the video somewhere ? Love to see it. :smiley:


I was very happy to see Shadow of the Colossus on that list. Ranks right up there with Zbrush.


Voted 5 for thatone :wink:


Pretty good list. I’m somewhat surprised that FEAR did’nt make the list, though. I believe it was mentioned a few times in the thread.


blender and the members for the win!
narnia is gonna be great too, I guess




I really didn’t think the Adobe/Macromedia thing was that big of a thing to CG artists, I gave it a two. :shrug: Yeah, it’s huge if your web design, but I’m not sure it has a huge impact on the industries represented here.


I couldn’t vote for the Ipod, Xbox 360, or Dual Opterons 64 bit chips because they are so new and I haven’t even seen one. Therefore, the jury is still out…


Really? just make a visit to any major retail store such as best buy or circuit city or walk through a mall and you can find ipods, xbox 360s and computers with dual core 64 bit processors (I assume thats what you ment by “Dual opteron 64 bit chips” because they have been out for years).


errr, the iPod is far from new.


I gave the Open Movie Project a 5.

With the momentum that Open Software is gaining, it is just natural evolution seen that thread crossing into the film making market. And that is what Orange is all about.

The Gorillaz thing is pretty awsome… does anybody remember the movie “SIMONE” ?


Errrr maybe the better choice of words would have been…“I haven’t seen them in action, except for the Ipod 60 gig video display (which just came out - the Ipod to vote on was not the regular Ipod).” How can I vote on a 64 bit chip if I’ve never seen it or tested it. That’s all…peace.