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i am more of the silent lurker type here on the cgtalk, but i really like reading the
cgnews sub forum. however the cgnews forum is getting more and more flooded
with news i personally would consider as spam. new website here, check out our
new training dvd ‘making a sphere in maya’ and so on.

so my question is pretty straight forward : have you considered adding more sub
forums to the cgnews forum ?

i am looking for new software, plugins or new research results. taking the top
postings right now i have to dig myself through a lot of ‘spam’.

LAGOA – First Human Visualization on the cloud
RealFlow 2013 Roadshow
The Plant Factory - new (procedural) plant modeler by E-on
Paul McWilliams 3D Environment Creation Webinar
Rhythm & Hues has sold its El Segundo HQ for $25 million
mParticles tutorial on Max Cookie
joystick:EA lays off 900 employees worldwide in ‘organizational restructuring’
IRON MAN 3 :: Production Focus
CGWorkshops: Polysculpting
Vray Tutorial for Interior Rendering with 3ds Max
New CGWorkshop: Matchmove in 3DEqualizer
Blender 2.67 released by Blender Foundation
3D Artist CG Student Awards - 6 days to go!
RIP Ray Harryhausen
Adobe kills Fireworks

Green should be a software/plugin/reseach paper sub forum, orange the main forum
and red a spam/tutorial sub forum.


There is a press release forum actually for some of the more trivial and otherwise easily available news, but it’s on and off who uses it when.

We also have a tricky problem with people peddling their tutorials. Some are few and far apart, not to mention interesting, and that forum is a valuable, free vehicle for some long standing members who contribute a lot, and more than deserved hogging the spotlight a bit when they publish something.
Not to mention while you aren’t, many people enjoy having those news available and would consider it the lifeblood of the forum more than new software releases, who are easily followed with RSS feeds from the software vendors.

We have warned more than a person who’s been posting too frequently about trivialities and every little shitty tutorial they release, and very often they don’t even reply, but we try not to outright ban someone until we absolutely have to.

We could apply the kind of arbitrary judgement you might like, but chances are two other out of three wouldn’t like it, and we try to have rules and follow them in dealing with users, content, bans etc, and we don’t like to except them easily, not for some great members, not for some crappy ones borderline abusing the system, because nothing nice or fair lies that way.

It’s tricky, and adding more subforums would be unlikely to help since it’s very, very hard (impossible often enough ) to get people to post in them when they are clearly looking for visibility, and the topmost forum is obviously the best to achieve that.

You also have a very, very strong personal bias there in how you categorize things. IE: More people than not I would (educately) guess would consider Ray’s death a topmost news piece almost deserving of a sticky, while you would put it behind a blender release that, if I was interested in personally, I would probably be getting through feedly rather than checking CGNews here.
In fact, the ones you seem to give priority to, by the rules, shouldn’t even be there, but rather in the PR subforum.

It’d be cool to hear what more people think though.
I know I’ve been generally unhappy with the signal to noise ratio there for a long time, but being in that hard intersection of human nature and visibility that has an effect on people’s potential earnings it’s an incredibly hard boat to steer around.


BTW, the distinction is officially and publicly outlined here, by Leigh:



thank you for your quick reply. There are a few things that have not been expressed clearly enough by me (english is not my first language), please let me try to clarify those points.

  1. I am fully aware of that, that is why i suggested offering a new tutorial sub forum instead of banning or deleting these postings. But I am also pretty sure that I am not the only person who is annoyed by having to filter the constant stream of unwanted postings.

  2. I guess that is the power of colors that struck there. While I personally feel uncomfortable entitling a person’s death as news or an event, you should notice that I have flagged that posting orange, which would be the main forum. As a visual clarification here the complete forum tree.

  • CgNews
    ---- Software and Hardware News
    ---- Tutorial and Educational News

So both categories would be moved into sub forums, while the current main forum would be reserved for majors event, like the NextLimit RoadShow, the Iron Man 3 Production Focus or economical events. I have to admit though that my choice of colors was a bit misleading and biased. Please also note that the Press Release sub forum is gone in my list for a reason.

Actually I did never spoke of any ‘judgements’, assuming you are referring to banning people and moving threads with it. I am aware that trying to force people into a certain behaviour won’t work, but the current system does not either IMHO.

As you spoke of the psychological effects of sub forums, I want to stress that the current approach with the Press Release sub forum actually enhances that effect. Press releases can be almost everything, but most people will connote that word in an unfavorable way. It labels the posting as a statement of advertising nature or worse. While the name does make some sense in context of a CgNews forum, its name alone could not be less appealing.

On the other hand people tend to be more reasonable than you might think, when you do give them a sub forum with a well defined topic. The plugin/script sub forum in the Cinema 4d forum does work pretty well for example. It won’t work when you have to tell the people ‘you have to post in that forum, because someone else wants you to do so’, but it will work if you do offer them an advantage like reaching a certain audience.

I could still write more, but I want to keep the posting at a bearable length, so I hope that did explain my proposal better than my first posting.

Happy rendering,


Without bouncing back and forth multiple walls of text, yes, it’s clearer and a good deal more sensical now.

We’re tossing enough stuff on its head right now that I don’t think staff would be willing to tackle this one too in the immediate, but there are some interesting notions in there, no doubt.

Thanks for taking the time.


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