CG Learning Blog (modeling tips, tutorials, etc.)


Hello all,
I have a CG learning blog to share with you. See
The blog is little a hobby of mine, sharing things learnt. Focus is on concepts and techniques rather than the tools. I’m introducing the blog here in Modeling-section because the learning material is clearly heaviest on that side - at least for now. I’m linking to modeling-only or modeling related articles though the blog has other subjects as well.

          [b]You can cherry-pick articles from this forum post[/b], which I will update occasionally, bookmark the site []( and visit whenever, [Subscribe to Email Updates(no spam)]( or to [RSS-feed](  Or you can [get the updates at Facebook](
          Feel free to leave comments or critique.  Both are appriciated.
          - Niko
          [b]Tutorial - Model an Animation Ready Body[/b]
          Step by step box-modeling an animation and sculpting ready male base mesh.  Final result also shared as a download.
          [b]Modeling for animation - Test[/b]
          Comparing model that is built for animation and another that's not.
          [b]Surface flow - Why it matters[/b]
          [b]How to Keep Modeling Fun[/b]
          Discusses modeling techniques and introduces one way of box-modeling that keeps you safe from common hangups and hence is less troublesome - dare I say fun.
See the same technique used in video here, [](
          [b]Low-poly Tips[/b]
          Basic tips for low-polygon work in the areas of modeling and texturing.

          [b]Low-poly Tips 2[/b]
          More tips especially in the area of uv-mapping. Focus is in optimization.
          [b]Character Creation in Brief[/b]
          Animation ready character creation steps in brief (for animation production or games).  These are for those wondering how to go about it in general or for those wanting to compare workflows.

Modo, Zbrush and Messiah for Fast Production
Shows in brief a workflow in above software that is good for speedy detailed character creation and getting it rigged and rendered with the detail.


Hi people,

I have a big Animation Character Creation-tutorial project underway. It will end up in the list above when complete.

For now I can show preview video and info about it and I don’t want to burden this thread with those. If you are interested please see a separate thread in Tutorial and Workshops-section or you can go directly to the topic on my blog.



Looks good! BTW, don’t be discouraged by the lack of responses. Good luck with the projects.


The blog looks really good and promising. Thank you for sharing!


Hey Colorina and Kernond and thank you for posting and encouragement. Good to hear.

I will miss this weeks post on my blog due to being on holiday, but you can expect to see a new article next week.
Thanks again,


Wicked ill check the blog later thanks for sharing your knowledge CGmascot

can i make a request/suggestion for a tutorial topic for your blog?


Roninfang, thank you and thanks for asking. Feel free to suggest a topic. Maybe it is something I know about or can research futher. The more topics I have the merrier. Of course what I actually write about depends on what I have on my list and what interests me the most at that time.

The next 2-3 blogposts will likely be about the coming big tutorial, or related to it - little useful bits of information.


well focusing my skills on modeling/texturing, modeling especially for animation use :slight_smile: so you have post related to it i will be interested in checking them out ^^


Hi Roninfang,
I have a few articles and a tutorial on modeling for animation already (character modeling, that is). It is like a series of articles, starts from ‘Surface Flow - Why it matters’, see the list above. Every article, when you read them, has other articles related to it linked at the end. I think I could do a few articles more on the topic, later.

Texturing I haven’t covered yet, so that goes on my list. Thanks Ronin.


Great blog, thanks for the hard work!


Luciano, thanks! Also thank you so much for the comments on the blog.

Everyone, I’ve added more preview stuff for the coming big tutorial (linked above). You can check it at the tutorial-hread in Tutorial and Workshops-section or you can go directly to the topic on my blog.


Hi again. I’ve updated the list in the first post with a link to modeling tools & technique-video.

It is one of the preview-bits for my coming big tutorial - I show the modeling tools and method used in the tutorial. You read more here at CGsociety forum Tutorial-section or go directly to the topic on my blog.


Wow the blog looks really nice. I have a suggestion though. I think you should post project ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Things like model a face each day for a month or something.


Thank you, Jake. I take it you mean I could take on projects, like the one you suggested, and keep sort of a journal about it? A series of posts? Nice idea though I can’t keep up daily updates - am too busy for that now. I may try it later though.
I am planning a series of articles about animation - one a week with video. One idea is to do an animation in a certain way, like walk cycle in old man style, and then show what things make it work.

    Right now (and for some weeks at least), the only thing I'm working on for my site is the big tutorial.  I'll get back to normal articles after that.
    - Niko


I meant more like suggesting creative projects idea to people once a week or something.


Ok, now I got it. Sorry, it is night-time here and I’m reading things wrong and seeing little green men (tired). Thanks for the idea!


Hi people. I’ve added another preview/info-video for the coming Character Creation Tutorial. This one concerns those who want to follow the tutorial using other software than Modo. You can check it at the tutorial-hread in Tutorial and Workshops-section or you can go directly to the topic on my blog.


Hey all. Somebody may have noticed CGmascot-site was offline for 2 days. Well, it is up again - and improved!

It all started from issues I had with adding new fuctionality, almost broke the site, and then decided to go for an overhaul. That took me two long days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The new design should offer far better access to site content. I hope you like it.


Thank you for all of the information you have given out freely, it has been a huge help!


Thank you Pierce, you are most welcome. The blog is a hobby - everybody needs one :slight_smile: