CG Generalist laptop advices


Hi everybody,

I’m a CG generalist currently living in France. In few months I’ll need to move from countries to countries, so this is why I need to buy a laptop.

With this laptop, I’ll do 3D Modeling, rigging, surfacing, lighting/rendering, compositing, editing,…
My mains softwares are Maya with Arnold (CPU) and Redshift (GPU), Zbrush, Nuke, Mari, Substance Painter, Moi3D, Davinci Resolve,…

I’ll try to not spend more than 2000€.

What I need :

  • A good CPU for rendering

  • A good GPU for high poly modeling and rendering

  • At least 16GB or ram (32 would be better).

  • A high color accuracy screen,

  • Maybe thunderbold 3 to connect an external graphic card in the future?

  • A not weird keyboard like the one we found on Zephyrus

  • Also I’m use to azerty keyboard, but if a computer with qwerty is good I can take it with no problem (I prefer UK layout, but I’m okay with the US one).

I don’t care if it’s a bit heavy, I just need a computer that I can bring in an airplane.

Actually, I have a desktop computer with an i7 5960X, 32GB of ram and a GTX 1070 which satisfy me in almost everything (we always want better specs =D)

I looked the advantages of Quadro graphics cards, and it seems that it’s not the best choice (maybe I’m wrong).
I find those articles and video about this subject:

So I think the good choice will be a GTX 10XX or a RTX 20XX.
The problem is that I didn’t find a test that suggest RTX are worth buy on laptop for now. And for now redshift haven’t integrate RTX cores, so it’s like a bet on the future.

I hope you’ll have good advice for me =D

Thanks !

You add a 2nd 16gb dimm of RAM and you’re ready to go.


Thanks for your reply.

I forgot to mention that I’m looking for a 17" sorry.
I find 15" laptop very to small to work (I’ll not have another screen).

It already has 32gb of RAM. Basic difference the gpu. This one has the older 1070, but still very decent gpu.
You can also take a look at this one
The downside is that it is equipped with 2x8gb RAM, so if you ever want to upgrade to 32gb you should buy a new set of 2x16gb and remove the old RAM.


Ok thanks a lot, I’ll give a look!