CG Garden - animation still frame #0041, Marek Denko (3D)


Title: CG Garden - animation still frame #0041
Name: Marek Denko
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, VRay

This picture as the title says is the still frame from the animation I’ve made. You can watch the animation
I’ve made this higher resolution still just to show off the amount of work and details I’ve put in this animation. Technically it was made in 3dsmax 2009, rendered in Vray sp2.53beta. Whole scene is computer generated. Color correction and postproduction playing in fusion and photoshop. Rendered on i7 975 with 12Gb of RAM at 3000×1688px resolution and it took aprox. 5 hours to render at final quality. Dedicated to my family.

more images here:
animation info here:


haha, oh man! that is nuts! peter showed me some of ur recent stuff. you guys are crazy! this is also amazing marek. it looks absolutely realistic

happy cg grunting


Impressive!!! How can you do that?It is so realistic!


As the usual another amazing picture!!! Congrats man! i’m your fã



amazing man, as usual :smiley:


I could swear it’s a photo. :surprised


Completely outstanding realism and amount of details!!! Marek, you achieved highest level of 3D Generalist skills.


This is insane. Is the render GPU accelerated?



What woudl be interesting is if you could post a render image as it came out of vray. I am just curious how much of the realism is in the post production.


Again, nice work Marek!


Truly amazing Marek!I see there is no limits in your craftmanship.


That´s just insanely good.


fantastic stuff. i dont belive my eyes. its not even photorealistic. it`s REAL. choice award


This is amazing… I always look forward to new posts from you…
You always push the limit with each new image

Like EricCartman said it would be really interesting to see the image straight out of vray…


amazing render :slight_smile:


very cool work as always :cool:


wow just cant believe that this is not real i mean this 3d or computergenerated oh dear iam still comfused


If you hadn’t said otherwise, I would have thought it was a photograph. Amazing realism.


unbelievable…stunning quality :cry:


Truly impressive, as always! :bowdown:Hard to imagine more realistic cg render