Cg for Lightwave


Why isn’t Newtek’s Lightwave on top of NVIDIA’s Cg?
I would love to see this integrated!



I was curious about this as well, as it seems to handle well realtime.


Yes, that would be great! If it hasn’t been mentioned in the feature requests board then someone should bring it up. I’d love to see hardware rendering in Lightwave soon (or something like the G2 interactive preview).

An even cooler feature would be network distributed rendering inside of Layout so that you could use all the computers on your newtork to F9 a single frame.


I’ve played around with cg in Maya and it is very cool, although it’s only really practical use is for games and being able to view the effects stuff within Maya. (Maya doesn’t show Normal maps, XSI does!).

I’d much rather they beef up LWs standard OpenGL support to better represent the shading within LWs own Surface Editor (which I believe is going to happen to some degree in the next release).

Mayas implementation of CG isn’t very integrated. There’s a seperate shader set for CG, it doesn’t use Mayas own shading system - this can make things quite messy.


I’d go for GLSL rather for two reasons:

  1. It is supported by ATi, which has a lot better shader support and speed than nVidia.
  2. It’s a lot faster.

Of course it wouldn’t hurt anyone if we had even Cg… :beer:


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