Cg-eye With Texture Tutorial, Anthony Bloor (Animation)


Title: Cg-eye With Texture Tutorial
Name: Anthony Bloor
Country: Uk
Software: Maya/photoshop/shake

This image was an exercise in creating a highly realistic eye, while also making a quick tutorial in eye texturing over at 3rd-D this then ended up with me doing the entire eye area, and eventually animating it. Which can be seen here Linkits a 500k quicktime mpeg4

the timelaps movie of me making the texture in photoshop can be seen Here
and the finished texture I am allowing anyone to use, my only request is not for people to pretend it’s their own.
and that is HERE (500k high res)

the final animation was put through shake to add depth of field using z-depth. Its not perfect but for now it is a finished piece of work. However in the future I may actually paint the skin texture as its procedural bump is getting on my nerves. All critique is welcome I was going for photorealism, I dont think its there so I would love to know what everyone thinks could be improved.


Very sorry! The animation link above is broken, there seems to be a trailing slash on the end

The animation is here


Looking good! Literally hehee…

Really liked the tutorial of the eye in PS.
Nice work ant!


Here is a wireframe view, as you can see Nurbs throughout for better skin deformation, the eyelashes are attached to the eye by using a curve on the surface of the eyelid that is then used as a wiredeformer to pull the eyelashes wlong with the skin

and the eyeball on its own


That’s one of the best CG Eyes I’ve ever seen - Guys, watch the animation!


could use more eyelashes, but looks amazing anyway!

can you perhaps share with us the shader you used? just a lambert for the color surrounded by a transparent phong? if so, what kind of lighting did you use? i have tried your method. i came up with a pretty good color map, but i can’t seem to light or shade it correctly.


right, the colour is just a lambert, but the front of the NURBs sphere is flattened in to create the iris, the second, slightly larger sphere is bulged out at the front to create the lens, I used a standard Blinn, with a very very subtle bump, however what probebly makes this look more real is the HDRI reflection map, specualr reflections that most blinn or phong materials use are really only good for plastics and things, eyes have sharp reflections, so a HDRI map instead of a specualr is the way to go, the other thing that may make a small difference is the eyeball on its own has a subtle amount of sub surface scattering, (with daniel rind’s diffusion shader) it does seem to add a little more of that milky look to the white of the eye, and adds depth but it was too slow to use in the animation. If you are interested in HDRI go to the free light probes should be perfect although this image was created with one of my own hdri maps. Apart from that it was 2 directional lights, one with a Depth map shadaow the other with ray traced


very interesting


Great eye and thanks for keeping the videos 56k friendly. There are still a few of us about. As you said the skin texture isn’t 100% yet but the eye itself works very well. Good stuff.


the big praplom i had before the eye texture

thanks for the little tute


excellent work…



Great work. The animation is REALLY cool.


definately very nice and also very informative, thank you.


Very cool. It’s seeing stuff like this that makes me so anxious to…you know…be good with CG.

The spacing of the eyelashes on the bottom looks a little awkward, but that’s it.


thankyou for the comments, lots of people have commented on the eyelashs being a bit sparse on lower lid, but see my reference, the lower lid has very few lashs, is this average do u think, or is the subject of the image unusual?


Goog paint but also improvable work.:slight_smile:


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