CG Dragon in Snapdragon commercial


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Have you guys seen this? youtube link. I was wondering if anyone knew who the effects house was behind it? I just saw it today and was really impressed with the quality. I guess there’s a lot of money behind processers so that they can afford to pay for, what I imagine would be, an expensive commercial. At first I thought it could be Blur, but I checked their website and it doesn’t look like they did it. Either way, it’s a freakin’ sweet dragon! :drool:



Companies can spend a lot for trade show ads and presentations, it’s a niche but it’s a huge niche.

Great ad though, lots of cool little moments. Can’t find anything on who made it, either.


Pretty certain it was framestore NY


Found the link here-

fun looking commercial!


What other VFX firms–well-known or new–would you recommend that can produce commercials of this quality or better? (Links to their works would be appreciated.)


Man that was cute, watched it twice!


If you frequently read sites like Motionographer, you’ll see commercial VFX firms mentioned all the time…
Rhythm & Hues
Digital Domain
The Mill
Passion Pictures
Imaginary Forces
Important Looking Pirates

Yes, I’m well aware that Rhythm & Hues and Digital Domain have filed for bankruptcy, but they fit the requested criteria. Now that I’ve given you an incomplete list, go forth and explore!


Awww sweet! Thanks for the link to ‘Framestore’. Yeah, I really enjoyed it. I watched it a few times just to appreciate the dragon some more. I know I’m bias, being an animator and all, but commercials like this, that show they put care and work into what they do, make me want to buy their product. :smiley: I’d love to see more advertisers doing the same.



Stunning work and hilarious storyboard.
“WAY Faster! And cuter! But not that cute.”


Very well done. I never heard of snapdragon products before I see this.


That is brilliant marketing, this and the whole campaign. How do you make people interested in a microchip? Catchy name and clever ads. When is the last time I remember anything made by Qualcomm.


I guess my reply question would be why do you need to?

They don’t really directly market to end users, just to commercial partners. Not saying this kind of branding is useless but, well, it’s an expensive tvc.


Made me want to buy the phone. Awesome commercial.


Haha, well I guess that’s a success then :smiley:


Its happened before. Remember those ‘Intel Inside’ ad campaigns from a few years back? It kinda caters to both. Customers want the snap dragon tech so the manufacturers better deliver or miss the boat.


Intel side ad campaigns was to target ‘cloners’. I don’t know how it is in the US, but AFAIK, here in Malaysia, business are divided by two: companies buy DELL, HP, everybody else buy clones PC. And they will build for you based on your spec (although they have guide lines to make selection easy). I think the fact that AMD cpu was cheap back then that caused Intel to come up with that advertising.

And other tactics if you remember the history.

But a CPU for phone manufacturing is really a business to business thing.


It establishes a brand in the consumers mind. Regardless of the reality, someone walks into the store and says “I want that dragon phone”. Obviously it means nothing about the actually quality of the product but they remember it. Like was mentioned, immediately reminded me of “Intel Inside”, “Sega Blast Processing” or “YahooooooO!”


Ah but see, that’s the point. I doesn’t matter what the reality was, consumers remember “Intel Inside” and the 5 tones so they asked for that product when they went to the store.


The problem is that snapdragon chip doesn’t work that way.

I can buy a clone PC that have same spec but uses NVIDIA or I can buy a clone PC that uses ATI.

I can buy a clone PC that uses Intel or I can buy clone PC that uses AMD.

And these PC can either uses Windows or Linux.

But since snapdragon is a mobile CPU, it no longer works that way.

Either you buy ipad running IOS that use its CPU or you buy an android tablet that uses android with it own cpu.

There is no Ipad running snapdragon or ipad running arm or ipad running intel portable cpu. The same with phone market. If you want an iphone, you go for iphone. You don’t say I want an iphone, the one with snapdragon instead of Apple A6.

I don’t know about the future, but currently, when it come to mobile devices, its either OS, or shape and functionality. CPU was never in the mind of a buyer.

My view, anyway. :shrug:


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