cg clothes..need answer A.S.A.P


HELP…i need you guys help…can a real clothes replace with cgi clothes in live action footage.i hope you guys could understand it…i really need it…its for my SCHOOL PROJECT… :cry: :scream:


It is possible but if you dont have much experience with character animation, tracking, rendering and cloth simulations I think its going to be very difficult.


The difficulty with what you are trying to do is this:

  1. You need to bring the footage into a 3D software

  2. In the 3D software, you need to create a rigged (animation-ready) 3D character exactly the same size, proportions and shape as the live-action actor

  3. This 3D character needs to be animated frame by frame to overlap directly with the live-action actor. The poses need to match 1:1.

  4. Once you have this, you can create your CG clothing, pin it to the 3D actor, and run a cloth simulation on it.

  5. Its going to be hard to render the CG clothing realistically. You need to analyze the lighting/contrast/colour in the live-action footage, and replicate it as closely as possible in 3D.

  6. If the live action actor is wearing loose clothing that hangs off his body and swings around, this will be a horrible problem to deal with.

In brief: Yes, what you want is technically possible. And No, it isn’t an easy task at all, especially for a CG beginner.

You can give it a shot if you are intermediate or advanced level in 3D software use.

If you are a beginner, you can still try this, but know that it will be hard to get it working right.

I hope that helps…


thx for you guys help i really appreciate it…here one more question from my friend…he say he wanted to make a cg arm…to put into live action…well you know like terminator but different type of arm…may i know is there any way to make a cg arm…and here example of arm that he want to make into live action*nfvvH/devilmaycry4_devilbringer.jpg


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