CG CHALLENGE XXII - TEN (Image) - Mario Taboada


You can watch the final image at the competition site, hope you like how it ended up!


You didn t submit your final image?
I can t see it on the entries.


Now I see it.
Wonderful work!

All the best :slight_smile:


Yeah adib, It´s been posted in the official forum my friend, you can take a look in the link I attached to last post, problem of the “last submited entries” section is that is running too fast today :smiley: 3 mins ago it was the 6th one, please let me know if you find it, hope it´s properly uploaded…


Oh ok, we were writting at the same time lol THANK you very much! Good luck to you too mate :wink:


I ve done some tweaks and adjustments on levels and exposure correction, I wanted to make the characters the center of focus and did it by playing with saturation and tones between them and the background, hope it looks better now :wink:


Hey, your last tweaks did imrove your already great image. Great job and good luck.


Thank you very much Mike, I really appreciate your words man :wink:


Does anybody know when the winners will be announced? Fantastic final pieces around mates! Good luck all! :wink:


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