CG CHALLENGE XXII - TEN (Image) - Mario Taboada


A sculptor who likes the precission at work, Mr Z and him dedicate their time to the same tasks but they are not friends at all…


And the last one for this year :wink:

He is the master of escapism, a mysterious man able to deal with any kind of particles, smokes, fire or debris effects, his main problem is there are only few persons who understand him …

Happy New Year everybody!! :wink:


loved the characters. Unique character design.


Get in better and better.Really good progress! :applause:


@ShakingTheMind: Thanks! Im glad you like the style mate! :wink:
@adlib: Thank you very much my friend, final efforts to arrive on time to the deadline! :wink:

Here is “Lady MEL-issa” Hope you like her :wink:


Oh how did I miss this! that’s a lot of characters for the given time. Curious to see how they look in the final composition though.Good luck.


@redCigarette: Thank you very much! Yeah it´s a true challenge because I started with a month of delay and decided to try to create a complex scene with the given time, I hope I arrive to the deadline :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a new character to the team, his name is … “Mad MAX” hehe, he is able to solve any problem using the plugins he carries on his “heavy box”, and of course, he loves tea :wink:

Hope you like it, please any feedback with the models so far will be very useful! Thanks!


Today´s character is obsessed with construction, plans and maths, … hope you know who I m talking about :wink:


You are almost there.Good luck man! :slight_smile:


Very nice work Mario!

The Characters are great :slight_smile:
Im so nosy how this looks all put together!


@adib, @arcaneg : Thank you very much guys!! It´s going to be an insane hard work week but I have to arrive to the endline! :wink:

Here we go with the queen of motion, motion capture is her passion and she is always willing to help their mates to keep their shape and move in a realistic and natural way :wink:


Working on some props while finishing the two remaining characters of my scene …


looking awesome! very cool stuff :smiley:


@Emptyshell: Thank you very much Jonah!

Here we go with character #9, as the title says he is the 2d painter, using latest technology and his abilities to catch reality and mood he is able to render out awesome pieces of art, …
(he is inspired directly on me this time althought I don´t have his skills :wink:


Some more props…



This is just a general message to everybody in the forums to remember to upload their deliverables to the Challenge engine ( Only 2 days to go!

Please ignore this message if you already have. :slight_smile:

Good luck, Mike


Thanks for the remind Mike, I didn´t forgot it :wink: Working hard here with 2 deadlines for tomorrow (one of course is the contest!) Good luck everyone!!


Cool characters! 1 day to go! all the best!


@Oz: Thanks Fabio!! Yeah my friend, working hard here dude :smiley:

Ok let´s go with the last update before the final image, time for the last character of the collection :smiley: This is … “The admin” of the “site” :wink: , He doesn´t represent any software this time, he is just the one who takes care of the site and that everything is working properly and on time, …


YEAH! I did it guys! :smiley: I finally arrived on time after a looong journey of hard work. I would like to say THANKS to everyone who followed my wips and gave me some great comments and useful feedback through all the process, I hope you all arrive on time to the deadline and I m glad to know such great artists from around the planet as you are! Best luck to everyone!!
When is the next contest starting? hahaha :smiley:

Here is my explanation on each character, or who is each of them representing:
1.- The 2d artist
2.- The admin of the site
3.- Mudbox
4.- Motion Builder
5.- 3ds Max
6.- Maya
7.- Autocad
8.- Zbrush
9.- Realflow
10.- Houdini
On the final image you can read about my background or main idea I ve used to create this image, Hope you like it! :wink: