CG CHALLENGE XXII - TEN (Image) - Mario Taboada


Nice character designs! I like the expression on character #3


@KmCNamara: Thank you! Im glad you like them :wink:

Here we go with char #4 … As always, I hope you like it :wink:


love your character 4, impressive work!


@Emptyshell: Thank you very much Jonah! I appreciate it :wink:

Not much advance today due to a hard cold/flu/headache process :frowning: these are the first steps on the character #5, hope tomorrow I feel better to advance a little bit more …


I ve finished #5 modeling today, let´s move to #6:wink:


Today I want to give some background notes about the scene I m working on… Basically I see the CgSociety as my everyday “must to visit” place, I enjoy my first coffee of the day reading interviews, news about the industry, watching videos and looking for inspiration with amazing works from other artists all around the globe,… there are many places to look for this information but for me none as cgtalk and the society, one of the oldest and most complete sites for any artist. So, my scene will try to show this idea, the Society as a big and powerful kind of time machine and every of my 10 characters representing every of the most important softwares in the industry (I just chosed 10 of all them), the idea is to show that place where you can find awesome works done with them, and everything lit with a warm morning light … Hope it makes sense :smiley:

Here is a basic composition scheme I ve done with the first 3 characters unwrapped, posed and ready to be textured. It helps me too to plan the render layers I will need to render the final image of what is going to be a big scene (at least in terms of polygon numbers) :wink:


New update with the first 4 ready for the action …


Hi everyone, I ve started working on the Layer 1 or scenario layer, still a lot of work to be done, hope you like it so far :wink:


Update on render layer 1, still a lot of work to be done …


Looks great. Reminds me “Siberia” a lot.


@Rkurczewski: Thank you very much! :wink:

Ok, day 21 and the World isn´t ending yet :smiley: so here is a new update, this time on Render Layer 2, which will basically contain “the vehicle”, hope you like how it looks :wink:


Nice and clean Mario. I like it.


@vancliff: Thank you very much! Gracias! :wink:

Here are some more elements and tweaks on layer 1…
and a composition test of all the elements so far together :wink:


Today Ive started texturing the vehicle and painting the background layer, soon some images and updates, just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :wink:


I ve started combining first render passes and now it´s time to adjust things here and there, once I finish with this step I will invest all my time to finish the characters :wink:


Everything goes well.Nice progress! :thumbsup:


mtd2004 it’s so beautiful wip and i am so much like ur all characters.
best of luck…go go


@adlib: Thanks my friend! :wink:
@suruj2d3d: Thank you very much! I need to continue working hard If I want to arrive on time to the deadline :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, here we go with the first “ready to be inserted into the scene” character… Let me introduce you … “MR. Vladimir Z” :smiley:

A strong and powerful guy who is able to handle without effort millions of polys without effort, He wears a mechanic “lazy arm” which allows him to work with precission on the most intrincate tasks… It´s said he is in love with the misterious “dynamesh”, his wife? … his girlfriend?.. nobody knows :wink:

Hope you like it :wink:


He’s looking better now that he is coloured Mario. I can’t wait to see it put all together!


@Ragnar0: Thank you very much John :wink: I m anxious to see them all finished too :smiley:

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