CG CHALLENGE XXII - TEN (Image) - Mario Taboada


I just got some free time to enter the contest, so… I´m in! :thumbsup:
Playing with some ideas on my sick mind now…



Update on this character…


"one site to rule them all… "
This is my idea for the contest :wink: Basically representing what cgsociety and 3d software is for me (and for other thousands of artists), a place to learn from, look for inspiration, stay tuned with latest news in the industry, etc and grouping the most important pieces of software which make our lifes easier day after day, or at least which helps us to make real our dreams… So what I want to show is basically the “inside” of this concept I have from the cgsociety, a group of 10 pieces of main software ruled by the site … hope it makes sense :smiley:
Right now I m posing one of the 10 characters I want to include in the final render, so far it´s 75% modeled and unwrapped, so it´s time to pose him and move to the next one… I will add the rest of details in textures, hope you like it so far :wink:


Nice progress!
All the best:)


@adib: Thank you very much :wink:

Here is my first wip on my character #2 for my scene, hope you like it :wink:


Update on the first character…


Nice modelling. It seems to be coming together.

Only issue I see so far is the head and hair of the boy. The head seems off center- (maybe just the angle?) The hair seems unfinished and out of place, not like the hair of the other character, which is perfectly set to the model.



nice design , i like much this character 2# looks so 80-90ties mtv style :slight_smile:


@grumposaur, @Staszek, Thank you very much for the feedback guys :wink:

I ve finally closed some project works and will have much more time to dedicate to the contest :slight_smile: I wasn´t really happy with the character studies I ve been doing, they didn´t match at all the style I m looking for my image, so I ve decided to move into another direction which I think will fit much better my goal… I want some kind of stylized-cartoon characters, so I can add more detail to them, this is my start so far, I will finally move into this mood, hope you like it so far :wink: Thanks.


Here we go with some props and start of the hair I ve been doing today… Once I have the scene setup will check if I proceed with modeled hair or simulation, hope you like how is going :wink:


I ve started painting the diffuse map on this guy, just some color so far, no sss or specular yet, …


The latest model looks spectacular. Can’t wait to see him finished.


fantastic model and textures so far, you’ve set yourself a lot of work with ten characters to finish, best of luck though, it will be great to see it come together!!


@grumposaur, Thanks mate, me too :smiley:
@Emptyshell, Thanks! yep, it´s going to be hard to finish everything as I want but will do my best :wink:

Here is a new update, this morning I ve been moving things back to max and starting to work on the skin shader for this guy, still needs a lot of tweaks here and there (appart of course for the eyes and hair, which are missing right now), I post here some captures of the process in case anyone find them useful :wink: … This evening will start working on some of the other characters of the scene, which I ve been concepting during the weekend, so more later!


Here are some vray parameters …


Here we go with character #2 Head, ready for the action :wink:


Some views of this model, I move to #3 , …


I ve started working on character #3, hope you like how is going :wink:


Here we go with 2 more characters ready to be posed :wink: