CG Challenge XVII: Master and Servant Winners Announced


Hi all,

The time has come to announce the winners of CG Challenge XVII: Master and Servant!

The Challenge

These Challenges allow the standard of work produced by the CG community to rise on the strength of the support given through its membership. Each Challenge has its own theme, ranging from characters, landscapes, actions and emotions.

The Master and Servant Challenge, run from 21 March – 18 May 2005, explored and exposed the motives, emotions and expressions evoked in a myriad of unequal relationships that pervade the human condition. The theme encompasses an entire spectrum from benevolent leader and adoring followers to maniacal dictator and abused slaves. Whatever situation the artist chose, the image had to convey the relationship; the attitude and action; and the emotions of the Master and Servant archetypes.

More information on the Challenge Theme can be found here.

The Sponsors

The mission of the Challenges is to improve artist’s skills and to recognize their best. They have proven hugely popular and their exponential growth now attracts significant sponsorship.

The Master and Servant Challenge was sponsored by: Boxx Technologies, NVIDIA, ATI, Wacom, ART VPS, The Gnomon Workshop, Alias, Discreet, Softimage, Maxon, Luxology, Corel, Turbo Squid, E-on Software, and Ballistic Publishing.

Each of the sponsors has donated generously towards the prize pool and we thank them very much for their involvement. We hope they have also had a chance to join us in watching entrants generate the huge array of spectacular imagery for the honour of being a part of the Master and Servant Challenge.

More information on the Sponsors and Prizes can be found here.

The Judges

The Master and Servant Challenge brought with it a change in the way that the challenges are judged. Firstly, this was the first challenge that did not have any public voting; instead all judging was performed internally by a private jury of professionals.

First and foremost, submitted images were judged on the strength of their emotive and narrative elements, with technical excellence as secondary criteria. The depth of feeling and the power of the relationship as portrayed by the image was the primary goal of this challenge. Participating artists had to demonstrate clarity of thought and emotion in their finished images.

Panel Of Judges

Pascal Blanché
Daryl Mandrake
Meats Meier
Steven Stahlberg
Philip Straub

More information on the jury can be found here.

The Winners

And now onto the part you’ve all been waiting for! It gives me great pleasure to announce to you, the CG Community, the winners of CG Challenge XVII: Master and Servant.

3D Category

[b]Grand Prize Winner

Krishnamurti M. Costa[/b]
(CGTalk Username: Antropus)
Boxx Technologies 3DBoxx 4300 + NVIDIA Quadro FX 3400 + Alias Maya Complete 6.5 + NVIDIA Gelato

[b]1st Runner Up

Olivier Ponsonnet[/b]
(CGTalk Username: reiv)
Discreet 3ds max 7.5 + Turbo Squid Plug-in Bundle (winner’s choice)

[b]2nd Runner Up

Monsit Jangariyawong[/b]
(CGTalk Username: monsitj)
Softimage XSI Essentials + ATI FireGL V5000 + Softimage Production DVDs + Gnomon Workshop Aaron Sims DVDs + Maxon Body Paint

[b]3rd Runner Up
Adel Adili (CGTalk Username: adel3d)[/b]
ART VPS PURE 1800 Rendering Card

[b]4th Runner Up
Pär Tingström (CGTalk Username: Il Cattivo)[/b]
The Gnomon Workshop - All Digital Titles

[b]5th Runner Up
Martin Sen (CGTalk Username: Versiden[/b]
Maxon Cinema 4D R9 XL Bundle

[b]6th Runner Up
Damir G.Martin (CGTalk Username: A I R)[/b]
Alias Motion Builder

[b]7th Runner Up
Zubuyer Kaolin (CGTalk Username: over contrast)[/b]
Luxology Modo

[b]8th Runner Up
Ralf Stumpf (CGTalk Username: WildWire)[/b]
E-on Software Vue 5 Infinite

2D Category

[b]Grand Prize Winner

Linda Bergkvist[/b]
(CGTalk Username: Enayla)
Boxx Technologies 3DBoxx 4300 + ATI FireGL V7100 + Corel Painter IX

[b]1st Runner Up

Matt Dixon[/b]
(CGTalk Username: MattDixon)
Wacom Cintiq 21 UX + Corel Painter IX + Alias Sketchbook Pro

[b]2nd Runner Up

Goro Fujita[/b]
(CGTalk Username: Goro)
The Gnomon Workshop All Analog Titles

[b]3rd Runner Up
Bobby Chiu (CGTalk Username: digital_bobert)[/b]
NVIDIA Quadro FX 1300

[b]4th Runner Up
Skan Srisuwan (CGTalk Username: FIDUCIOSE)[/b]
Discreet Combustion 4

[b]5th Runner Up
Eduardo Schaal (CGTalk Username: schaal)[/b]
Luxology Modo

[b]6th Runner Up
Kekai Kotaki (CGTalk Username: prostrise)[/b]
Wacom Intuos 3 9x12 + Painter IX

[b]7th Runner Up
Eric Browning (CGTalk Username: ebrowning)[/b]
E-on Software Vue 5 Infinite

[b]8th Runner Up
Maciej Kuciara (CGTalk Username: tiger1313)[/b]
Corel Painter IX

Community Awards

3D Community Award Winner
Dimitris Liatsos (CGTalk Username: DimitrisLiatsos)

Ballistic Book Bundle -
CG Challenge XV: MachineFlesh, CG Challenge XVI: Grand Space Opera, EXPOSE’ 1, EXPOSE’ 2, D’artiste: Digital Painting

2D Community Award Winner
Sacha Diener (CGTalk Username: the1st_angel)

Ballistic Book Bundle -
CG Challenge XV: MachineFlesh, CG Challenge XVI: Grand Space Opera, EXPOSE’ 1, EXPOSE’ 2, D’artiste: Digital Painting

Honourable Mentions

3D Category

Vincent Guibert (CGTalk Username: authentic)

Dimitris Liatsos (CGTalk Username: DimitrisLiatsos)

Matt Bortolino (CGTalk Username: `mb)

Gerard Jaran (CGTalk Username: arlutik)

Mark Endre Seljan (CGTalk Username: Tremoside)

2D Category

Mark Anton Vill (CGTalk Username: Ant4d)

Mike May (CGTalk Username: feeb)

Michael Dashow (CGTalk Username: walrus)

Pierrick Martinez (CGTalk Username: Pierrick)

Svetlin Velinov (CGTalk Username: Velinov)

Congratulations to all winners, and also to every artist who participated! Thanks to everyone once again for a fantastic challenge, and we hope you’ll join us again for the next one.

Winners will be contacted shortly for shipping details.


Congratulations to all winners! You really do deserve this, and the judges picked exceptionally well!


congratulations to all the winners! HIZZAH!


Congratulations to all of you, great work and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Contratulations Antropus, Enayla and all the other winners. Really Great works!!!

É isso ai, Brasil novamente. Parabéns Kris. Vc merece. :thumbsup:


wow. both a surprise and also something expected. congrats to all the winners, they should be damn proud!


:eek: :eek:

Thanks a lot to all the judges, sponsors, CGTalk staff and to all my friends!

:eek: :eek:


Congratulations to all winners!
Unbelivible Works!:thumbsup:


I forgot to tell you: I hate you.


Congratulations to all the winners! Outstanding works and a great challenge.


::Congratulations to all the winners::

Congratulations to My best Freind …
:applause: ADEL ADILI(LEDA):applause:

[size=1]… I wish U Best Wishes …[/size]


congratulation for winners!
and I have to thanks cgtalk for great experience from every challenge! and many thanks to all of my friend here , see you !


Excellent choices by the judges. All are well deserved winners!

Congratulations to you all :thumbsup:


[b]Grand Prize Winner

Krishnamurti M. Costa[/b]
(CGTalk Username: Antropus)
oh noooo ... not you again ;)
after the next few contests you can open up a renderfarm with all your boxx stations i guess :D

congrats to all winners


Huge Congrats!!!

Some of the works I expected, didn’t make it.
I honestly cannot see how this challenge could’ve been judged easily. I’d hate to be the one to do it.

Good job judges!!!

Too many good works in this challenge!!!


Wow, congrats everyone. Really amazing stuff!


Wow!, Great Stuff! Fantastic Work everyone Deserves it! (linda… no surprize :P)

Anyhow, Fantastic Work Again From Another Challenge… Im Looking foward to the next challenge.




GREAT WORK ALL!!:bounce:

Especially goes to Linda and Dimi doode! :bounce:

Enjoy the BOXX and the Ballistics Bundle!!!:bounce:


This must have been a very difficult job for the judges seeing the quality of work that was presented here.
Congratulations also to all the participants. What a nerve wracking couple of months you must have been through :slight_smile:

LINDA, DIMI, GORO, I have champagne waiting for you guys on ice. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fantastic stuff… wow… To bad that the voting was different this time, but I understand the reasons. And the people who I wanted to see win did so I’m happy!