CG Artist needing tech rest


Hello all,

Long story short- I’ve sort of ‘fallen into’ my position at work, which involves a lot of CG/VFX related skills. i.e. motion tracking, sculpting, animating, modeling, texturing, material authoring, etc. I know it doesn’t make sense to say I fell into it, but never mind that. I’ve learned a lot in a short time, but with learning via youtube tutorials, documentation, and project-based web-series- I still end up not misunderstanding myriad concepts- and I spend hours researching my research. The result is having a half-baked knowledge of the afore-mentioned skills and no mastery, and no artstation-worthy output to show for it. One of the most consistent issues I keep running into has to do with ever-evolving hardware tech and software(not complaining, just stating the facts). If I understood these more completely I would encounter less frustration with trying to master the skills I’ve been picking up. I would more often know what certain errors mean and I wouldn’t be so easily lost in program settings. I would know more often WHY someone in a tutorial is doing what they are doing beyond ‘just playing with the settings.’

Computer science involves hundreds and thousands of components- and when I make another attempt at understanding the tech, I get overwhelmed with how deep the rabbit-hole of data goes. I’d love to know it all, but when I have a project due in a week, there isn’t time to memorize volumes of programming/hardware knowledge and accommodate my supervisor simultaneously.

So, can anyone out there recommend a (sigh) video course or other source of info that condenses the most relevant data components of computer processing and cpu/gpu rendering to a more digestible format so that the less technologically inclined brain more readily absorbs it? And maybe a few tips on how to stay knowledgeable while still being an artist? How to spend more time creating and less time being frustrated with the technology? I realize that it’s probably 99% user error and my not being able to understand all the industry parlance is a personal problem but all the same I know I’m not the only one in the world that struggles to keep up with the technology and workflows.


If you want to understand the relation between CG Art & Technology, then I would reccommend reading articles published on FXguide or Digital Foundry. Especially because they give practical uses where this knowledge comes in handy.

But I wouldn’t go anymore in depth with that. That’s the job of engineers and programmers. Artists just make content to be viewed on screen.


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