Here is a drawing I started last night, I am unsure about my use of color. It started out as a pencil drawing, I then scanned it and painted it in photoshop.

All you painterly people let me know the deal.




Man… ten days and no posts, does this piece just suck or is it in the wrong gallery? Well if it does just suck, at least explain it’s suckiness, I need the info!


Character looks like he’s floating… but I think right now, what it lacks most is a feeling of drama. Try playing around with your palet more and see if you can try adjusting your color usage to make it more dramatic. Also, try picking a real dominate light source and go for higher contrast to make the action of the character more emphasized. I think right now the background art isn’t helping the image any either, the line work and coloring doesn’t match the style of the character. Keep working on it, it’s a good start.


Yeah I think the character is floating a bit, also the guy’s shadow doesn’t really help demonstrate a light source. I was trying for a backlit image but I can see it is not coming across as such. I am not sure how to handle the color rendering of the character to make it fit the linework, any suggested style references?


Okay, first, the line work; on the character you have nice varying thickness, combined with some crosshatching but none of either in the background. You said you first sketched the character then scanned it in to paint it, did you with the background too, or just paint it directly in photoshop? It’s doesn’t have to have the same level of detail, but at least incorporate the same feeling to the linework into it.

Now, for the light source and color scheme. If you want to go with a sunset lighting, use those dramatic colors in the sky to reflect into the tones of your character, especially in the highlights on the metal armor. Use then, real warm tones for the highlights and make them pretty dramatic to emphasize the emotion to the pict and then use dramatic cool tones into the shadows. Take advantage of those photoshop layers and have fun, experimenting!


I’m going to add more linework to the mountains and start the colors from scratch. I should have a post up tonight. The background was a big problem for me but I just couldn’t put my finger on why, thanks.



I went in and added some rendering to the trees and mountains.


When you recolor the image I’d make the sky a bit less intensive and the character brighter. Because in your previous colored versions the sky drew too much attention off the dark character that was lost within the equally dark foreground.


Looking a lot better… he looks unbalanced though…maybe add some ground detail to show that it is not balanced, so his position makes more sense. I’d also adjust the shadow under that left foot, it’s adding to the floating, unbalanced problem.


Yeah I think that if I render the ground a little better he won’t look unblanced maybe a little mound under the left foot.


I don’t know how dedicated you are to the pose, but I think that is the weakest part of the drawing. He looks like he got shot in the stomach and is flying backwards while starting to chop his knee off with his sword.

Try bending the left knee under him about 45 degrees. This will give him a better sense of balance and help with the sword digging into his leg. Have him standing more on the tip of his toes with the heel off the ground. It will also keep the agressive pose you are trying to achieve I think.

The postion of the shield bugs a little also. As I recall there are 2 straps that go down the center that his arm will slip through. so moving the shield so it sits in the center of his forearm will make it look better as well.

The postion of his sword arm looks a bit awkward. Try relaxing it just a bit and not going out at such and extreme angle. He would be extremely tired holding a sword like that before he even started a fight!

i know you asked specifically for crits on the colors, so if I’m out of line with pose options, very sorry :slight_smile:



well, its just a guy in roman type wear. i would try and add something not done before, something to make him more original.


Hi, I just got back from a weeks vacation so I should get back to work on this image. TRhanks to everyone for their input

Deathcricket - I think I will redraw the pose and just consider this one a design sketch.

Levitateme- good point the image lacks originality I was basicly mimicking Persius from Clash of the Titans.


I think that first picture (painted one) has a cool style.

Just would suggest you to work more with his pose related with the shield and sword, the rest is a cool style!


Here is a new sketch www.trolenberg.com/centurion4.jpg . I am starting from scratch with this one. I want to nail the pose before I go on to the painting. Let me hear all your gripes, really I want to improve my skills so don’t be nice.


Wow looking really good! Vast improvment over the last one, congrats man! The face, clothes, shield, right leg, sword, and helm are really good. I like the stance a lot more, has some weight to it.

I would work on the left leg, the postion doesn’t seem natural for some reason, maybe too straight? The hand also seems to be sticking out of the shield a bit much, but not a pro on that. Might want to do a little research, but I think it covers the hand a bit more. And lastly, I would make his bicep just a bit more round. The way you have it is fine, but I feel it would be more developed swinging a sword all day.

Again, great improvment…



I showed up too late saw the first pic and saw only the problem with the shield and the stance was off a bit but the second was a big improvement but probably just cause of the detail on the shield the bird was in wrong position but second is great improvement good job


I have updated the centurion sketch. I tried to fix the left leg position and I adjusted the right arm too. www.trolenberg.com/centurion4.jpg


Woohoo! Nothing to crit at this point now without being really really picky. That I can see anyways, well done!



Go on Deathcricket, you can be picky. I am trying to become an illustrator so I need harsh criticism.

I have now added a background to the image.