Centaur Model


This model has lived with me for some time now. currently, i am skinning it and working on my rig for it. I have also sculpted it in clay and remeshed it in nurbs. so far no hair. that is coming soon. let me know what you think.


some wires:


this model was an exercise in edge loops for me. i tried to single out each major muscle to have its own edge loop. later, i resculpted the horse to use more “implied” surfaces. a concept i got from jeff unay’s masterclass in hyperrealism. i found that by seperating out the muscles too much i got too much geometery in places when i smoothed.

Also, the centaur’s face was modeled from reference so no need to comment on the low forehead and low ears which are completely intentional and from reference.




Wow! You know anatomy, human and equine. Very nice work.



Thanks Jim. very kind of you. lots of study went into it. i am putting up some history of it on my web site soon. thanks for the kind words.



nice job man! Are you going to add hair like features? And maybe a tail? That would make it look cooler! Good job though :slight_smile:


thanks inkaru. yeah, been thinking of a ponytail or a mohawk. that may be some time before i get there. have to skin it now then go from there.



This may have been a design descision of yours, but isn’t the horse body quite small in comparison to the human part?
Otherwise, this is a great model. I find it very convincing. :thumbsup:


thanks tex! yeah it was odd to figure it out but i used this image as reference.

if he bends back his head would just touch the horses hips. i think i got close.

here’s an image of the sculpture.



Nice work! I especially like the horse part of the body; very well done!
My only 2 small crits are that the arms look somewhat small or weak compared to the rest of body. Also, the face looks a bit like a brute or thug with perhaps low intelligence. Is that the look you were after?
Still, overall, I like it. :buttrock:


Beautifull work!

I find the head too large though. This maybe a realistic proportion but it always tends to make the overall model seem smaller. In the front view this gives the figure a bit of a ‘chicken chest’ and skinny arm look. The clay model proportions looked a little different, maybe it’s just camera angle. Also the distance between the knee and fetlock might be a tad longer. Really the head gives me that pony feeling, maybe that’s intentional.

Like I said great work.


i hear you kanga. getting the same feeling from the head. i will see what a lattice can do. that chicken chest thing has been in the back of my head but i didn’t have words for it. good call.

webhead- yeah, the thug look is intentional. kinda wanted to part from the whole greco-roman approach. wanted the human part to be the more primal and the horse part to be graceful.

heres some initial anatomy studies. first one is stuff pulled from the web. second one is my own drawing to figure things out and place major muscle groups. would do it differently today.


Exemplary work! You are a master modeller in both clay and polygons. The amout of detail you reach with just edgeloops are what most have to use z-brush to achive. I have no negative crits on this model, just hope you texture it and render it in a nice environment.


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