Celtic Raid, Laverdet (2D)


Title: Celtic Raid
Name: Laverdet
Country: France
Software: Painter Photoshop

Hi!.. here in france, a rather good amount of 2d works are for historic books for children… it’s an interesting field, as you have to be accurate on historic “things”, and also to give a rather “epic” story… here it’s Dacian raiders, with tytical horse gear,and weapons… it’s an hybrid picture, as the background is Vue pro, so 3d, but it’s by far a 2d picture!..


This is good professional work, exactly meeting the brief.
Pity you could not find space for Falbala, though. :smiley:

My first reaction was ‘not dynamic enough’, but conversely it gives a good impression that it is ^( freezing!

…but it is supposed to be a raiding party - they don’t seem to be in much of a hurry?


I like it… has a natural feel to it you don’t see too often. I wish you had at least painted the foreground terrain so it matches with the well painted figures though.

I hope to see more like it, I love this illustrative style. Not so much drama or action (which everybody seems to want) yet it tells a story and would fit well in a book on Celtic history, which is the goal, so well done!



color theme is just natural , serves u well


The 2d is very well but les 3 plane of the bottom I like less 3d but
that remains effective and fast for a command

La 2d est très bien mais les 3 plans 3d du fond me plaisent moins mais ça reste efficace et rapide pour une commande


COOL!! looks like 3D especially the ice mountains O_O woew!!!


Cool… really like it! Especially the atmosphere :thumbsup:


Very nice image man, especially for the snow, which seems incredibly real ! Good job !


Looks classic. Good work, I like the mood in this image


I really like the style of this painting, and I think that the 2D/3D stuff matches surprisingly well.


the snow it’s great … on the left side seems a picture, but on the right side seems a texture


just another thing

if horses are riding (on the right) and there’s snow we suppose the air it’s cold, and the breath have to be visible … don’t u think?


I do agree with powernemo, if its snowing like it is, then you should be able to see the breath - at least of the 2 riders in the foreground.

Otherwise, looks great celmar, hope to see more soon.


very stylish man…


this would indeed suit an educational/history book very much. I think the background doesn’t knit in with teh foreground quiet right - perhaps need a layer or two of subtle mist or light to bind them…


The snow on the lower left hand side - WOW looks very realistic, especially with grass/dirt peeking through.

My only problem is with the white/gray horse in the foreground. Somehow its head looks very unnatural. I’m not an all horse breed expert but I would look up the particular breed you were going for. I almost want to see the head a little bigger, this horse is huge and muscular and its head is fairly small.
Also, the same horses front legs, seem to stand just way to close to each other. For a massive horse, this is virtually impossible.

The mountin range on the top left lacks the detail of all the other mountins. Its just plain, like no dirt is peeking through.


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