Cell Replication in X-particles


I am trying to demonstrate cell replication in my new X-particles. Do I need to put in a new spawning emitter for each duplication level? It seems there ought to be an easier way?


Not quite sure to understand what you’re trying to do. Are you referring to xpCellAuto?


Cell Replication 1.c4d.zip (87.9 KB)
Here’s doing it the tedious way:


Hi Teknow, You should try this tutorial from Insydium https://youtu.be/7bl2ERnKpk8


Thanks but I’ve already done that one. What I need is each particle doubling repeatedly but not forming a growth or mass but separately like bacteria do or certain types of cells. It seems like one of the modifiers or generators ought to do it but so far I haven’t figured out how.
With xpNearest particle they don’t duplicate unless near one another but I need for the duplication to be independent like my example file. There must be a cool rig way to do this.