Cel Shading Tutorial DVD?


I’ve been tossing about putting together a dvd that focuses on cel shading. This would include modeling for cel shading, applying and creating different styles of shaders, inking, and post production tips and processes to get a more 2d appearance or cartoon look to the animation.

Is this something people would be interested in? Would there be anything else you’d want to learn related to the production of cartoon visuals?


Sounds good to me, man…I’d be willing to check it out. :thumbsup:


If you were going to do something… It’d be nice to see your multipass rendering techniques as well as how you do post. While your Celshading looks nice, I think it’d be a better sell if it was geared toward giving the viewer insight into achieving something similar to your visual style. I love the way your final renders look.


Count me in!


yes yes yes fricking yes!!!

Love to see a more ‘anime’ approach if possible.


That ain’t a bad idea at all. Been looking forward to such a thing and like gruvsyco said, I like your visual style but find it difficult to get similar result.


NICE!!! i like the idea!


Chalk up another one in the YES!! column! :bounce:

I’d particularly be interested in the modelling for Celshading and learning more about the depths of the Unreal CelPainter interface. Maybe some BESM too since there’s no documentation to be found anywhere… :shrug:

I think it would be cool to specifically see how you get your look, but not at the expense of detailed general info. I’d rather see a broad reaching overview of possibilities than a narrow-focus “Cel Shade the Shade01 way” tutorial.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just not as interested in being temped to merely swipe your style! :smiley:


I like the idea, but will it be limited to anime style celshading, or would it delve into other hand-drawn like styles? Honestly I don’t think I’d buy it because celshading for me has always been about finding an original, unique style which I don’t think can be tought. I’m sure there would be a market for it though.


I can’t find much information in the format of video learning concerning cel shading, so yes, I think it would be a good asset to the community, especially if it’s in the Lost Pencil price range.


I’d buy it. Definitely.



I too would be interested, price it to sell!


Sweet, I’m glad there is some interest. I may take the format of producing a short film and giving tutorials on how the scenes were put together, making sure I’ve covered the things I mentioned above. I’m not sure what the price would be, but I’m thinking $20 would be the most I’d sell it for, and that would probably depend on the final runtime of everything.


Oh yes, this would a welcome DVD. I would like to get my art up to the level of Appleseed or the new Ghost in the Shell. (Or anywhere close to that quality)


You’re a nice guy Shade. I hate the $70-90 pricetag on DVDs. Some are worth it, and some are not. Your style is wicked and I would be interested as well.


Certainly sounds very interesting; I’d definately pay money for something like that.


Sounds like a great idea…but what you should do is finish ultraviolent and sell that DVD and offer a making of and go like gang busters on training stuff after that.

Don’t focus on doing training DVD’s now until your baby is done and sharing itself with the world. :thumbsup:

BTW: It was great meeting you Shade…thanks for the conversations. :applause:


count me in as a definate for a dvd.

wold be great to see a celshade dvd training material…it’s sooooooo rare!



I’m for that…:slight_smile:


Would find a dvd of this kind most beneficial :smiley: