CD Plugin Updates 2012



Service updates for CD IK Tools 1.546, CD Morph 1.531, CD Constraints 1.542, CD Joints & Skin 1.556, CD FBX Import/Export 1.016, CD Transfer Tools 1.098, CD Symmetry Tools 1.038 have been released.

Most of the updates are bug fixes and optimizations with the exception of new features being added to CD IK Tools and CD FBX Import/Export. All plugins have also been recompiled for R13.

Here’s a link to a youtube video showing some of the new features:

The complete list of new features and bug fixes can be found in each plugin’s “Readme.rtf” file.

Cactus Dan


Hi Dan,
this is incredibly useful. I did not know that all this Data is stored in FBX. This opens the door for Cinema-Riggers to Maya. Really great stuff. I also like the new Retarget-Tag and the new IK-solver types. I will have to try this as soon as possible…
Any feature updates for Transfertools?

Greetings, Holger


Congratulations on the release Dan, fantastic work as always. As I mentioned during testing you’ve really gone far beyond CD FBX being just a way of getting the basic skeleton animation and skinning back and forth reliably between apps, now it’s pretty much a Cine-Maya bridge :slight_smile:
I love that I can use my favorite parts of both programs so easily now.



excellent Dan :slight_smile: .

I like the most the new IK solutions :wink:


Looks great Dan, downloading!


Thanks for the updates Dan!




The only thing new in CD Transfer tools was the CD Transfer Mirror command has a new option “Include Children” to transfer the mirrored PSR’s of hierarchies. This option is really helpful for adjusting a CD Rig to fit another character.

Cactus Dan



There was a small bug fixed in the CD FBX Import/Export plugin that caused an error in the skinning when importing IK and Aim constraints on rigged/skinned characters into Cinema 4D.

You can download the updated version here:

Also, I’ve uploaded the Basketball Character rig that was used in the demonstration video to my Free Rigs page:

Cactus Dan


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