CB_3D Time ad WIP


The theme/slogan will be

“When will you go to?”


“Time. Everywhere. Everywhen!”

The unit itself is a light strap-on device that expands nano tendrils to cover the whole body.

Main character will be a girl/young woman. Might still decide to go with a male.

There will (hopefully) be 3-4 other characters/creatures.

We´ll see, building the base mesh now. Going for a clean toony look…something along the lines of Jim Lee.

The main twist (so to say:) of my product will be that to be an effective and functional time-machine it also works as a spatial dis-locator. Something I feel is often overlooked.

To travel from today´s living-room to yesterday´s living-room you don´t just travel in time, but also in space. Yesterday your living room occupied a different point in our solar system than today (as does the solar system relative to our Galactic center etc etc).

As per guideline it “manipulates the spatial continuum”.

That opens up one unconventional side of time travel I would like to use and have some fun with.

Good luck and fun to all :wink:


Sounds good, and I 100% agree. How many time travel test subject are floating around in space cause the inventor forgot to account for that!

Good luck.


here is very beautiful texture,
but the video does not work. Or is it so conceived?


I noticed that some of the vids here need a second tap to play, especially when they´re short.


Yeah, I also noticed that my latest concept/wip video only plays the first few seconds. I upload quicktimes.

Maybe server here has some trouble encoding them?