Caution: new animators on the way!


Hello everybody :wink:

As you might seen in thread “Free animation mentor, guide” This is the followup, initiative to help new animators to learn, little bit easier and hopefully will attract more experienced animators to give us constructive crits and help us with our pursuit to become better.

We should start from the easier task, and make progress as we go.

I think it is very important to have a deadline, as it will push us to accomplish our little tasks in some reasonable time.

Little suggestion for participants, get at least the book by Richard Williams “The Animator’s Survival Kit” as it will be very useful, where you can find big resource of essential animation principals and basics. Also very useful book “The Illusion Of Life: Disney Animation” written by the pioneers of animation. In the meantime you might visit:

All comments are welcome.

Let’s start animating :applause:


Hello all :wink:

Here is the first task:

Animate bouncing ball, attention to timing, spacing, weight and squash and stretch.
Make a scene with 2 balls different weights 5 second long at 24 frames per second.

Be creative if you like, make your own little scene.

Deadline for this task 05.March.2010

…and let us animate!


should all of us exchange messengers or something? I have skype,ichat and msn.


Hello Daiquone,

I think it should not be critical at this moment, this task is straight forward. Read a bit about animation principles, see what other people did about animating bouncing ball on the internet ( search google), and try to do your version, the key is to start, not to think of making the perfect animation, and the most importantly, to have fun doing it.
I hope this helped.

Best regards



I am so in on this! If it’s cool with you? lol

This seems really awesome. From having read the previous thread, I am really digging the structure that you guys have going on so far in progressively learning animation. Plus the fact that it’s going to be a group of people doing this just adds to how great it’ll be, we can all help each other out.

My own experience in animation comes from over three years of being in 3D art, first introduced to it in high school then immediately after got into it at community college and currently still here at CC in an advanced animation class.

While I’ve been exposed to it for a good while, I only started getting serious and truly investing myself in my art this year. I am now determined to become as awesome an artist as I can possibly be with my specialty being animation. To do that of course, have to take it from the start.

As far as references go I got a little library of stuff going on :
-The Animators Survival Kit
-Character Animation Crash Course!
-Timing For Animation
-Animation Unleashed
-Prepare To Board!
-Drawn To Life volumes 1 & 2
-The Illusion of Life

I bought all of that last month (except Survival Kit, got that last year). That should give you a pretty good idea of how serious I am about becoming knowledgeable about the craft.

Anyway, I’ll get started on that first assignment soon!


Hello Israel and welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice words, very inspiring, looking forward to see you around!

Best regards


I have been waiting for something like this to show up for sometime, so sign me up!

does it matter what program we use?


Hello and welcome ru4it :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter which program you use, animation technique is.

Best regards


This sounds great, I’ve also been waiting for something like this to come along so sign me up. I’ve also picked up the Animator’s Survival Kit, and Timing for Animation, but I’ll take a look at the other recommendations.


It’s great you guys doing this. I’ve been into modeling for a while. Now I recently got into animation because I’ve plans to apply in Savannah College of Art and Design for MA Animation. It’s important to have some good animation in my portfolio get admission/scholarship. Moreover I can’t be clue-less when they teach animation for a year.
So I’m in!
My IM id - MSN:, Yahoo -, Gtalk -


Hello guys and welcome :slight_smile:

Just please do not think that this is some magic thing, I am starting to learn, like most of you, so this is not some program, where I am guru ninja super duper teacher, I wish I was :sad: ( I also hope that you read my initial thread, “Free animation mentor, guide”…p?f=26&t=854264 ). It all depends on you mainly, books are there to be as a base for your knowledge, browse internet, all the learning is up to you, if you don’t read and don’t try by yourselves, you will not succeed. I hope you all are going to be better animators, hopefully this posts are not going to be in vain. Please read our first assignment, plan your animation first, then go for it.

Best regards


Absolutely man, I think we all have that understanding that we’re all pretty much beginning. I myself am a bit ahead in that I’m in an advanced class so I’m already exploring character animation but I’m rusty as hell, haven’t animated in a year and there’s a lot I don’t understand since I never seriously studied it until recently so that’s why I’m doing this, so I can truly understand it all.

But, being that we’re all starting out here, I think it’s important that we would all be able to communicate. We seriously need to try doing some chat sessions so we can figure things out together cause we’re obviously going to struggle so we’re going to need each others help.
One thing we could also do is something similar to dailies where we work one day then we upload our WIP videos the next and we share them amongst each other to see where everyone is at then we discuss what we think of it, what needs improvement and so on. If we could do this it would just be a huge help to everyone since when you have others looking at your work, they can spot something that you’re probably missing, give you good input, all of that good stuff. Plus doing this really helps for keeping people from getting discouraged or frustrated because this won’t be something like “okay do this then come back when you’re done” no, it’ll be “alright this is what we’re working on, we can discuss it and break down the assignment so we all understand it, let’s get some WIP videos up and see where everyone is at in a day or two, if anyone is stuck we’ll chat” something like that.
The only issue I see with this would be time. We’re all scattered, I’m on California time, Srdjan is on Johannesburg time, Daniel is on Chennai, India time, then a few of us in different parts of the US. We should be able to figure something out though. It hopefully won’t be too much of a problem so we can do chat sessions, if not we always have this forum to communicate through.

So yeah, just throwing those ideas out there. Can’t wait to see how everyone’s first project came out!


Sweet maybe once we move on to walk cycles maybe you could model somethin up for us.:thumbsup: Then maybe we could get someone to rig for us too.


Hello guys,
I am glad to see you excited, actually more than anything else we need to encourage each other.
I think Skype will be the best, only not sure about conference call, and who is going to talk at the time, it might be messy a bit, so, something to think about.
About time, towards weekend will be the best and maybe compromising a bit so it will be accessible to most of us.
I am trying to study Maya, as I am learning animation, two big tasks :slight_smile: so that’s why I still did not prepare nothing yet, I guess on Tuesday, Wednesday. If not Maya, for now I’ll do in Max.

Best regards to you all,


I am very much down for chatting in skype. I don’t have a very demanding schedule so I’m pretty much available most days. We should probably exchange info so we can start communicating by chat. Here is mine:

-Skype : BallisticPeanut
-Yahoo : Ballistic_Peanut
-AIM :

Definitely don’t stress about that learning process Srdjan. I haven’t opened Maya in a while myself so I’m facing relearning it while animating, plus I use other software and I’m learning to draw so I know how you must feel lol

If you want I’ll try setting up a thorough lesson plan or something today. Just so that we can have this structure to follow. Still have my class outlines from what I’ve taken so I’ll use those as I write this thing out and I’ll do a bit of research into how other classes like AM progressively learned animation. As far as how long we should spend on each section, we’ll figure that out as we build this outline.

Sound good?


Hello Israel,

I like your input a lot. See what you can do about outline.
My Skype name is Srdjan_Johannesburg.

Best regards
Srdjan :slight_smile:


coolness I added some of you my skype is Daylight52 and i have a question how are we suppose to upload the files when we are done so everyone can see them?


You can make account and post the link.


I found a site that has alot of different video courses and tuts its only 45 dollars a month depending on you subscription package you chose. it has tons of things that would take a semester to get to in a college here is the site is I was thinking that after all of us learn the ground basics of animation all of us should come up with an idea and make a film. alot of people seem to be jumping on board with this project so it wouldnt be impossible to do. what do yall think?


Ideal thing will be if someone can upload links to animation in some clean thread or something and keep it clean, for instance: Challenge No.1, and then animations only for that one, than Challenge No.2…
If everybody has access to posting there will be all sorts of questions comment, links etc.
Maybe blog with password access is good way to go.
There might me some other possibilities, this is as far I can think at the moment.