Caustics in Cinema 4D


I’m sure most of you know how to make caustics but in case you don’t, here’s a little tutorial, enjoy!


Nice tutorial thanks! Now try refractive caustics though…


It works the same way with transparencies, just have to use a transparent material instead of a reflective one.


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I know it works the same way - but don’t the render times go through the roof?


Well no actually, I had to crank the settings for the mirrors up quite a bit, for glass the caustics are more “bundled” in one spot so they should probably be faster. Caustics in the old render engine are very fast. They used to be slow but remember that was years and years ago, Computers have become much faster so those caustics now render within seconds.


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Your new site looks good,. If you want any TurbulenceFD stuff to add let me know


Thanks! I’ve never used TurbulenceFD myself actually. Anyone can contribute on my site though so feel free to add your knowledge to help/inspire others. :slight_smile: