Catoon castle


I like fortresses. I’ve been to several in Europe. For example, castles Karlstejn and Friedland in the Czech Republic. Grandiose buildings. Fortresses always attract my attention. I have read a book about the fortresses, author: Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. He interestingly explains the construction of fortresses, the strategy of defense and capture in different eras. I want to try design a small fort. It will be located in an imaginary country. It be located on a mountain massif. It will grow out of mountain.
It’s an interesting job to practice for modeling simple objects, and paint them. I plan to use the programs: 3Ds max, Zbrush, Substance Painter. These are very interesting programs. I want to have practice in them.


At the top of the mountain, the princess lives in the castle tower. Someday someone will free her. If he wants to. =)



Main gate and frontal wall

a trap

Under attack, the towers comes independent.


castle plan

Big resolution

1-9 - watchtowers, 10, 19 - arsenal, 11, 20 - barrack, 12, 21 - lavatory, 13 canteen, 14 cowshed, 15 kitchen, 16, 17 - barn, 18, 24 - well, 22 - storage for food, 23 Kitchen for the King (Princess)


View of the fortress wall

Inside the tower


Second gate like in the Friedland castle

Grid and door mechanism



Looks very nice :thumbsup:


A warehouse.

A roof gutter system.

Barrels for rainwater
The model of the Viking was not made by me. It is downloaded from the Internet. I use it to feel the scale and proportion of the scene.

Barrels for rainwater, сart for transportation of barrels to a warehouse.


Thank you :slight_smile:




I’m going to build several buildings for Downtown and Royal Palace.


For saving time and unify process to build a house, I create a build-set. It 'll consist of several variants of windows, doors, stone slabs, decor panels, rafters, logs. The draft of house was made to have a visual representation what kind of detail it might consist of.


Every detail has its own mapping. But different maps. This will make work with textures easier.


Finally, I collected the house from detales. It has mapping and ready for texturing



This is a difficult job for me, because I’m an animator and not a modeler. But very interesting.=)


Setup materials for the house in Substance Painter. It was necessary to remodel some parts of the house, that the textures were applied more correctly.