Cathy Ray, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Amazing work, great job.


Very nice character.
Posted it on my blog.


I love the character design and composition, especially with the wee cheeky chappy on the TV!


Great work Andy! my only crit would be that the knee crease is going to far in, loosing some leg volume at the joint.
But I love that piece, well done sir!

edit: I just realized Zoltan already commented on the knees, so don’t bother replying to this one.


Great pin up. Love the composition and over all very cute.

A few critiques. Personally the face seems a touch generic, feels like it could have a little more character to make it distinctive.

The light is too blown out around the chest area.

Otherwise, very cool :slight_smile: Makes me think if Pixar were to make an x-rated movie, it would have a character like this :slight_smile: lol … strange thought.


ur character is so graceful…:thumbsup:
i liked ur art too much :bowdown:


That´s fantastic! Great style:applause:


CG girls are realy hot. :smiley: Nice work man.


Yet another excellent piece of art, Oh how I wish I could do stuff like this :slight_smile:


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