Cathy Ray, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: Cathy Ray
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

Personal work.

1950’s style pinup. A homage to Gil Elvgren - quite possibly my favourite artist of all time.


Always loves you stuff Andy and this is no exception. Looks a little less cartoony in proportion than your other stuff but executed well. Your skin tones and deformations are always so damn perfect!! I want to open your head and borrow some of your skills … just for a wee while :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff :slight_smile:


As always, you stand out! I love the 50’s style!


beautiful work


Thanks folks. There are some work in progress images and more info on my facebook page here:


That’s so cool! I really enjoy your work!


wow !again, one nice beautiful work, inspired me a lot…:cool:


What a sensuous décolleté! Cool also her expression while fooling around. Don’t agree with the previously praised deformations. Maybe it belongs to styling but knees look more like folded than bent and finger bendings on the left hand aren’t precise at all. Mentioning only because quite central, but all in all a classy pin-up.


wonderful looking i like it 2much :beer:


Sexxxxy :slight_smile:
Great work, I like it.


OSOM :buttrock:
Amazing work, as always Monsieur Andy H :slight_smile:
Your last travel to Paris was a good inspiration (at least you saw the Moulin rouge :p).
Lovely face (I’m still thinking she’s looking loke Chloé but, well, you know, I’m in love :)).
Great old school tones too :thumbsup:


Thanks, mister B!

It was Mafia 2 and L.A. noire that inspired me the most recently (theyre both games set in the late 40s / early 50s), as well as the fact that ive been trying to do a worthy tribute to Dean Yeagle since 2006. Most of this character was already made back in 2006, but i didnt finish the job due to having trouble with the hair. Her base body mesh eventually became my Suzie character.
I picked this back up again 4 days ago, improved the proportions and face and then put her in a pose with some new lighting and that TV. Took 2 days of solid work.

Plus, i wanted to finish it off because i dont have enough gals with stockings and suspenders in my portfolio!

Zokana - Yeah, my deformations are not quite as good as they should be. Im not too hot at the accurate and detailed anatomical style of modeling. Guess thats why i tend to stay away from more realistic stuff. This is probably as far as i go in that respect. I just wanted to get that old style Gil Elvgren pinup appeal without bogging myself down with too much modeling detail. Thanks for the constructive crit though.


You’re definitely one of the very best cartoonish pin-up modelers, AndyH. I’m a fan of your work, and thought that just a tiny little more attention to bendings could bring you an other few thousand fans.

Wishing you all the best! :slight_smile:


Hi Andy!
Fantastic Job!
i loved!


Very beautiful, nice!


Beautiful work as always.

A couple of things that struck me - the burn on her right arm makes it hard to read the silhouette & at first glance I thought she had a really small forearm. Also something about her smile looks a little sinister… I can’t put my finger on it, but it tiptoes the line of being happy/disturbing! :smiley:

I really love the detail of the guy on the TV!


nice work!


mind blowing work. :beer:


Another great one Andy!! :thumbsup:


Very Good.
What I like the most is the design and the colors perspective.