CatBurner - Racer


CatBurner is a racing/sport vehicule.

It’s basically a (free) adaptation of the Thrust SSC, a real hypersonic jet-propelled car.

My goal was to put this dual reactor engine on a 4 visible wheels model. After a lot of tries, if finally
decide to merge to two reactor air intake into a single burner room.

As a general design rules, I’ve tried to keep the vehicule as slik as possible, using a lof of circle/sphere/tube primitives.

I called it CatBurner because of the felin shape of the front legs/wheels system, remind me a bit the Gizeh Sphinx when seeing
the vehicule on the top view.


(hope it’s not to late, 23.00 here at Montreal :P)



interesting concept )


I like the Jet integration. Kind of wanted to see more of these sorts of designs. Good work :slight_smile:


Nice design and final image. I love it!



Thanks a lot for the kind words.
Here’s also some wire/drawing view of the car :
CatBurner Wire


I love it :argh: … nice motorcycle !!

is a joke :wink: … nice car !


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