Catalog of all C4D plugins


Hi guys!
I’ve spent last 10 months working on a catalog of all plugins for Cinema 4D - it is ready now (more or less :wink: )


It was designed for 4K screens, so please use Ctrl ± to scale it on smaller screens.
It works fine on Chrome, Opera, IE.
Firefox (new versions) sometimes fails to display all frames
You can try to use Firefox in safe mode - close Firefox, then hold Shift and 2x click on Firefox icon - if it still doesn’t help, click back and forth on the menus.

Let me know if you encounter any issues with this website and of course if you know about some C4D plugins that are missing.
(This must be a plugin that works in R19)

I hope you’ll find it useful :slight_smile:


Wow - that’s quite a work!
And I’ve just found a plugin for a missing function I’ve wanted more than a few times…


Thanks for this, I havent looked into the site too far yet, but noticed half my screen space is lost to the left side, was this intended?

Thanks, Dan


Hope that helps.


You’ve created a fantastic resource for C4D users. A lot of love went into this website.

I didn’t know about the Centileo GPU renderer for example:

Found it through your website. Thanks!

But… you should write at the top of the page that it is for 4K screens, and that one should zoom out on 2K screens to see it properly.

I’m on a 1080HD laptop. Without your post here, I would have thought the webpage is broken and navigated away after a few seconds.


Amazing work!



My plugins are marked as R13. But they also work in all later versions.
Most of them are teaching examples. But a few of them are useful to general users even if they don’t care about the source code.

ObjectsOnSurface_R13 - Paint objects in the surface of another object.
PoseLibrary_R13 - Stores an object’s translations and rotations as well as it’s thumbnail (similar to the the old pose library we had in R10)
PyPoseLibrary_R13 - Same thing but written with python

The rest of the plugins are mainly for learning how to code your own plugins.
I’m not sure if they qualify for what you’re looking for.



Wow - great job!


Thank you!


After getting my screen the right zoom level and had a look its quite amazing what your have done, thank you.



thank you. good resource!


This is an excellent resource, which clearly took a great deal of time and effort. The fact that you have provided visual examples for most of the plugins is amazing, and the organization into themes and tasks is incredibly helpful… I hope you are supported enough to maintain it…

So… I’m going to be somewhat critical of the design out of a desire to see your fantastic work get to as many users as possible. if you could address the usability of the site, it would make it even better. Many people don’t have 4K screens (especially on laptops or tablets), and even if they use a browser that scales it properly, the text ends up at an unreadably tiny size. It doesn’t work at all on Safari on Mac OS X on a 2880 x 1800 MacBook Pro display (though in Safari on an iPad the site was at least horizontally scrollable, which made it a chore to read, but not impossible). There are some basic layout things (like incredibly long text line lengths) that impede readability. Its quite possible these days to make a responsive site that scales appropriately for a range of screen sizes and orientations.

Again, I think the site content is amazing; I’m just hoping the design becomes more adaptable so that as broad a group of people as possible can make use of it…


Wow. Fantastic work ! Thank you !
Gives me a summery of what I need for a future job.


wow, That’s a lot of work you have put into this, thanks


Ditto what Nick says. Great job! A bit challenging to use–could be improved?


Thanks for your effort in creating this resource!

I should add that my SolidChamfer plugin is listed as paid, but is in fact free since a few years back. The latest version is on my GitHub page:

Also available is a DeltaMush deformer:

Best regards
/Filip Malmberg


this is bonkers :slight_smile: Thank You,

AVT and flangemaker (not maintained anymore generous people compiled it for me) does not crash on undo here on my R19

if you have the nerve it would be nice to make the interface work for “normal” screen users …


Use Ctrl + -keys (or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel) to scale down the website view :slight_smile:
It should look like this :

I’ll take care to increase fonts size (after the weekend)

@ Scott Ayers - thank you ! I will take a look on ObjectsOnSurface_R13 and PoseLibrary_R13, and add them to the list.
The rest can be added to an additional category “learning” - already I have there some plugins helpful in plugin development.
I have checked the ObjectsOnSurface - excellent plugin ! A great free alternative to HBPaste from HB modeling bundle ! Thank you Scott !

@ NWoolridge - Thank you for your remarks :slight_smile: I was aware that designing the website to 4K screens can be controversial. I think it should be easy to increase the size of fonts (I will have to just modify fonts sizes in the two CSS files). Then scaling the size should produce nice view even on laptops. I’ll check for “very long text lines” - could you tell in which section ?
By the way, since large, affordable 4K displays are available from a few years, I expected that now, most people involved in CG already have one. I have bought my 40", 4K iiama 2 years ago for ca.700$.Instantly it give me almost 4x more space than the old 1920x1200 screen. Best hardware update I ever got!
Surely it is possible to make a website that looks great on any screens - the only problem is that I have no skills for this. I created this website using the"fossil" version 4 of Dreamwaver from 2000 :slight_smile:
I’ll increase the font size, and hope that C4D users will soon switch to better display :slight_smile:
No much point in using a tablet for C4D.
I am on windows, so I can’t check how current versions of safari copes on macs.
Fortunately, the most popular Chrome has no issues with the website (on Windows)

@ Filip Thank you for information about your plugins.
Your version of Solid Chamfer was already included (in GitHub section and in
Procedural plugins section) and marked as free. The commercial version you mentioned was from Kuroyumewebsite, where it was marked as commercial, I’ll change this to free.

Delta Mush: could you tell me what is the difference between your free version from GitHub and one from Vaalkari? I have added your free version to the list.

@ mogh : ATV (Align To Vector) and Flange maker are included under Kouroyume’splugins and in Mesh Section - Flange Maker is very useful. :slight_smile:

And BIG THANK YOU to everyone else :slight_smile:


I understand, and let me emphasize again how much I appreciate the content of the site. It really is fantastic.

I will gently push back on some of your assumptions:

  • I very happily have a 5K screen on my desktop, so I can see your site as you designed it in Chrome on that machine. But I’m not always using that machine. Sometimes I’m on my laptop; I wanted to browse it at night in bed on my iPad, but it was too much of a chore.
  • Since I work in higher ed, I’m very aware of many contexts in which people who are using or learning C4D don’t have control over the specs of the machine they are using. Many contractors in studios, for example, won’t necessarily be working with their preferred monitor. Students would be only too happy to have a 4K machine, but few will be so lucky.
  • About 50% of Maxon’s C4D customers are Mac users. Not all of them use Safari, but many or most will, and your as it stands your site will be broken for them.

BTW, I also love your concepts for improved C4D manuals; If I were in charge at Maxon, I would pay you to finish them!


yeah, wow great resource!

also there is true symmetry on c4d cafe

furryball render

I dont know if there is any point in having fusion thing there, since it seems discontinued.